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I really enjoyed the South Park game, and Wolfenstein was fun but I still need to play more of it. Dark Souls 2 was great, but I kinda burnt out on that.

I also still need to play more of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (PC), but that was fun too.

Oh yeah, Jazzpunk was a thing. Don't think I'll go back to it again, but it was neat. Mostly been playing non-2014 games though.

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Kotaku is saying the Gat DLC is 19.95, and this article is saying Saints Row 4 new-gen is 29.99 but a bundle of SR4 and Gat DLC is 49.99

.......if all the info is accurate, buying them seperately will save you a few cents. Its Plants vs Zombies 2 all over again.

What are you even talking about?

Five cents, man! Five Cents!

Do you know what you could buy with that?!

Because I don't.

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I don't think I ever had a game OST on CD, but I do have quite a lot of MP3 game albums.

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@bigjeffrey: My favorite part was watching the beginning of that PAX video after it was archived, after seeing it happen live, and seeing the bottle from the start.

Those promos were pretty great. I love this dumb shit.

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@themanwithnoplan: the crazy thing is that he said it happened while him and his roommate were home sleeping. Woke up and the window was wide open, on the third floor!

Oh jeez, that's even worse!

Well that's terrifying.

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Mercenaries 3: No Limits (goddamnit EA)

Tiberium (goddamnit EA)

I don't know if The Saboteur made enough for a possible sequel, but goddamnit EA anyway.

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Well that ending was great. I'm looking forward to the resulting gifs.

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@capum15: The early UPFs had Jeff reading the Space Jam novelization. You need to watch those in order or else the story won't make sense.

Unless you've seen the movie, in which case you can put it together yourself. He only got a little over halfway though before stopping.

...can...can you link those? Or are they just like the first few UPFs? I didn't sub for a while so I missed a lot of the early stuff (though I've got most core things aside from UPF and TNT archives watched).

It is the first few UPFs. Starts in the very first one (1/18/13)

Awesome, thanks.

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@stonyman65: Been watching for a bit and it's great. Danny is totally slowly losing it on OpFor. The elevator wire moment was great.