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@maskedarcstrike: Yeah I was just looking for a picture of Cammy. It really isn't a big deal. As for the platform I'm talking about the arcade cabinets they originally appeared on as both these games I believe released the same year.

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@kinapuff: I still have trouble finding people who will play Snowboard Kids with me because no one ever had it as a kid.

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@barrabas: Draglade on the DS worked pretty well. Warzard was almost there but, it opted for 1 v 1 fights. All I know is it can work if there is no foreground/background and the beat 'em mode is linear. The moves might be more complicated than other beat 'em ups but, I think that may even break up the monotony of it all.

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@barrabas: It all depends on the execution. Like Super Smash Bros. if the single player mode essentially functions the same as the 1 v 1 fights it can work.

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@egg: I wasn't referring to Majora's Mask. I was referring more to Pokemon G/S/C which I consider one of the best video game sequels.

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@jewunit: I like Riviera on the GBA. Never played Blaze Union.

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