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YES! That's it. Thanks so much! I have no idea why I couldn't find it when I searched through all the crime games. I'm sure I screwed something up but I just did not see it. That is definitely it though, thank you.

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Hey everyone. I'm trying to figure out the name of this game I really loved playing back in either the late 90s or the very early 2000s but I cannot find anything on it. No matter how much I've searched I cannot turn up anything remotely resembling it, either through google, or Giant Bomb itself. I've been all over the games wiki and don't see it anywhere in there. Anyway, if someone can help me figure out what this game is called I would really appreciate it. Here's what I can remember:

The game was a PC game from the 90s or the 2000s. I specifically remember playing it around 2000 or 2001 I believe but it could have been old at that point. It was a 3d game, but old chunky graphics. You played as a male thief with the goal of robbing certain establishments in this town. The neat thing was that it was more of a strategy game than anything. You would walk through your plan for the robberies by committing them, but you would be recording your actions while you did this with a sort of VCR type control system. Then, if I remember right, you would play the theft for real and see if your plan worked when guards and other obstacles were added in.

That's about all I can remember. All my searching just turns up Thief and games like that on google and I've literally looked through every game categorized as Crime and a number of other genres here on GB and have not seen it either. Anyone have any thoughts?

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Thanks for the info. So apparently I did the right thing, since I did reload a game from before I had opened that infected email from Delphi thinking I would just avoid opening it this time. However when I then connected to that BBS the game started progressing and I thought perhaps it was some weird fluke or bug. Guess I did the right thing. Interesting. 
Alright, well thanks all.

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So I d/l this game and was enjoying it mostly. I don't understand why the game is entirely one sided. How can I form any kind of connection to anything when I'm unable to read the emails my "character" sends and can only read replies. I just have to guess at what's being discussed? Not a fan of that at all.
Regardless, I did seem to get stuck. I managed to get a password to hack into the 212 BBS and read the email that talked about increasing the last digit. Got in and looked at one message and was disconnected. I then got an email from Delphi. Did this twice more and on the third time when I looked at the email my system went all screwy. What's the deal? Is there some way to avoid that? Should I not read that email and just keep connecting and downloading stuff from the website? I tried reloading an earlier save but for some reason this time it didn't happen. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks.

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  @Durandir said:

" I don't even have an Android phone :( Wish they would make this on PC as well. It seems like the kind of thing I'd love to play. "

  Just wanted to mention that this game is on the PC but it's only available in Japanese. So if you speak Japanese, feel free to get it. There is a guide available written by a guy who does speak Japanese that can also help you navigate through the game if you really want to get it.
Also, as for difficulty in porting it over to the Android, probably not that bad because this game is originally a Japanese flip phone game. The iPhone uses a language called Objective C which is by no means an easy language to develop in, so if they were able to port it to that then porting it to the Android should actually be less effort. Stuff on the android tends to use Java and it's (at least in my experience) a much easier language than Objective C. So for talented programmers it really wouldn't be hard, really it's just an issue about there being enough money in it for them to offset the costs of doing the port.
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@Cube:  That picture is without a doubt one of the best things I've ever seen. Nice job, thanks for posting it. I know it may piss some people off but I think it's awesome and will make it part of my repertoire.
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@ThePhantomnaut said:

Those print reviews are not reflective towards each publication's overall view because it's all of the reviewers' own opinion and they might have been astonished by it, not for money; notice the bold on print. In order for magazines to get the reviews on time for release, Rockstar has to send them early copies. They have stricter deadlines due to the actual print and distribution process of making a magazine. Print is not the fucking internet. 

 Here here. Nice to see someone gets it. The whole idea that R* is paying for reviews is just absurd. Sure it might happen with some companies (Kane & Lynch), but I seriously doubt R* would bother wasting the money. Why? Because despite how some of you might feel about GTA IV, the majority of purchasers loved the game and thought it was great. It sold fantastically and was highly regarded as one of the best games of the year. R* didn't need to pay anyone for that, it happened fully on the game's own merits. In fact, I can't think of a single R* game since at least GTA 3 that R* would have bothered to waste money on as far as paying for reviews. The games have all done phenomenally well and been highly regarded by all kinds of publications and people as fantastic. Why would they be paying for something they're getting anyway? That's just throwing money away, and last I checked, businesses aren't too keen on that.
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" @cardician said:

" @Moridin said:

" Jeff said something on Twitter last night about learning how to play Liar's Dice. Perhaps they finally have a review copy, or perhaps Jeff is just a baller. Well, he's a baller regardless - but you know what I mean. "

Yep, saw that too. I think they do have an early copy they probably just aren't allowed to say anything due to the embargo. "
There are reviews out already. No embargo. Got my copy of GI today and it was there. There have been reviews (I think on gamesTM magazine and somewhere else) and other stuff.I just think it's more likely that they don't do stuff until right before the game is out, since they generally don't do previews (other than QL road shows, news articles, and trailers). I didn't even know Alan Wake was coming out/out until I saw the QL cause I haven't been following that game. "
No, there is still obviously an embargo. Magazine reviews are different. The embargo applies more to website reviews. Look at IGN, Gamespot, and GiantBomb. They all have the game and have been playing it. I'm sure they even all have reviews written already. But they haven't published them because they're not allowed to yet.

Magazine's are different. R* has to go easier on those embargos because magazines have to have all their articles written by an earlier date in order to get the articles into the publisher who actually prints all the magazines and mails them out. A lot less control is possible with those. And the game comes out this month so if prevented by the embargo the only other option for magazines would be to publish their reviews next month. R* obviously doesn't want that, they want tons of publicity, so they allow magazines to publish their reviews this month, even if it means they come out before the games release. However you do not see a single website with a review do you? That is definitely because of an embargo.

I don't even know why we're arguing about this. If you listen to any GiantBomb podcasts you'll hear Brad and the others talk constantly about embargos and not being able to talk about certain games until a certain date. It's not like this is a conspiracy. It's completely known to happen. And the game websites follow along because if they don't, they piss off the publishers and developers and then they no longer get special access to games. That would in turn hurt their websites popularity and therefore their business. It all makes perfect sense when you think about it. Nothing to argue about.

Rockstar has definitely put an embargo on website reviews and that's that.
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What games would R* needed to have bothered paying sites for in order to get good reviews? Their games have widely been hailed as being fantastic since at least GTA 3. I think you're a little off in your perception there buddy. Why pay for a good score when your games are honestly good enough to get a good score as it is? I happen to know businesses aren't in the habit of just throwing money away. Quite the opposite infact. I believe you're thinking of the company that made Kane & Lynch and created the whole Jeff/Gamespot debacle. But clearly they made up since they've been showing K&L 2 to Jeff recently.

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" Jeff said something on Twitter last night about learning how to play Liar's Dice. Perhaps they finally have a review copy, or perhaps Jeff is just a baller. Well, he's a baller regardless - but you know what I mean. "

Yep, saw that too. I think they do have an early copy they probably just aren't allowed to say anything due to the embargo.