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I live south of the river and would love to come to this. I will do a little more research and see if it is actually feasible. :D

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Thanks for sharing. I often forget to apply this to my own work, it's good to be reminded of it. The Lang Zone is the real deal.

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Although I'm certain I've done more tedious things, I don't think I find anything more tedious than being unemployed and applying for jobs. I don't usually mind if a job is tedious, I'll do whatever. But god almighty do I hate the process of applying for a new job. I'm getting close to that point now, and I'm dreading it.

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I must say that is awesome!

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Perhaps this will be my chance to jump in on Silent Hill!

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I take pretty detailed notes when I'm building a competitive team in Pokemon (most recently version X). Both from online research (e.g.: youtubers, Smogon, etc.) and when I make the plans for my teams.

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Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War and Star Wars: Jedi Knight II, Jedi Outcast. DoW was the first RTS that left my jaw dropping with its graphics and detail in the character animations, plus it was fun. With Jedi Outcast it was just fun to get a decent SW game where I could be a badass jedi.

After both of these titles I got all the sequels and expansion packs.

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I'd like to have a wife some day... On a more relevant note, I'll echo Portal 2, sounds like it fits and it's a brilliant game.

Although you said fighting games are out of the question I'd like to recommend Super Smash Bros. Brawl (or Melee if you can get ahold of a Gamecube memory card).

You can play that co-op on the campaign and on normal matches you can do team battles. It can be just as fun for someone looking for a challenge or someone looking for casual fun (and chaos?), however, it can be difficult to keep track of your character on screen.

Also, if you do get brawl I definitely recommend trying to get Gamecube controllers, much better. My brother and I love the poop out of these games, we've been playing them for years.

Good luck with your search! \±/

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I've got quite the routine now when flying. It usually goes in this order: listen to loads of music, read a book, 3DS, try and sleep, failing that chat to a travel companion or stranger if they're up for it, stretch them legs, 3DS, back to book, listen to music till the end of the flight.

Kind of cyclical now that I think about it. Also if free booze are offered I never refuse, great way to kill some time on a long flight.

I couldn't agree more about the window seat; good to have the view to occasionally distract oneself and the plane's wall to lean on when trying to sleep.