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Yeah actually there was one or two in season 1 that didn't go through for me on Steam, and I know I got them. Didn't care that much but it did always nag at me, knowing that I had fulfilled the criteria.

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Can't wait for the new Mortal Kombat even though it means I'll probably have to invest in the current generation.

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Real fuckin' deal!

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Sorry I didn't get back to anyone for ages, didn't get any notifications about it.

Yeah it's pretty awful, also now the adapters are £100 on amazon which is disgusting. Nintendo really messed up with that.

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Hey duders,

So yeah I downloaded it a little while ago. Was wondering if anyone else is playing this on the 360. I could do with a crew to decapitate some peeps or someone to duel with.

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Three to my TV in the UK. A 360, PS3 (belonging to my housemate) and a Wii U. I also have a 3DS.

At my parents house in Spain though there's another 360, PS3, Wii, Gamecube and Nintendo 64. These belong to my brother and I.

So maybe 8 in total?

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Well that's not bad news to me; gives me more time to finish the Witcher 2 and more time for the game to be polished. :D

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So as has happened to many others in this country, I pre-ordered the Super Smash Bros. Wii U bundle with the GC controller adapter on Amazon, as well as a SSB GC controller.

I had already heard that Nintendo hadn't manufactured enough of them, but from searching the internet and various forums I've seen that a vast amount of people in the UK have had their orders "delayed" because of this.

My packages got a new estimated delivery: 19th of Dec. 2014. I'm not even in the country then! I also know I'm far from the only one that got this email from amazon:

"We're writing to let you know that the following items have been unexpectedly delayed: Nintendo GameCube Controller ... Super Smash Bros. ... Estimated arrival date: December 19 2014..."

It looks like it's a combination of both companies; amazon obviously took on too many pre-orders and only sent it to the earliest customers (I pre-ordered on the 8th of Nov.), and on top of it all Nintendo didn't manufacture enough of these adapters. Although I have also heard that shops like Argos have had problems too. In fact, out of desperation, I tried calling Game to see if they had any adapters left in stock. I couldn't even get through to them.

So, in order to get my fix I've resorted to downloading the game digitally and canceling my amazon orders (because screw you for telling me about the delay on the day). This will take up most of my Wii U's measly 32GB of memory. Luckily the only other Wii U title I own is Mario Kart 8. I guess I'll get ahold of the adapter once they drop the price back down, because they've almost doubled it! When I was pre-ordering it was at around £17, now it's £31.

This is all rather unfortunate, I've been incredibly excited for Smash Bros. since it was announced, even preceding that. It was meant to be a special day where I'd get to enjoy the process of receiving my package, but instead it's turned into a pathetic scramble for a game. I actually took the day off work for this. Definitely the last time I pre-order something, I never really did it anyways unless I knew I was going to love the game.

Anyways, enough melodrama, I hope those of you that got your game the way you wanted to are currently enjoying it.

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Definitely glad I got the bundle now. However I was hoping to get a second one at some point when I had some extra cash lying around.

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London United Kingdom. :D