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Although it says I've played Civ. 5 for 103 hours. Most of that time was spent by one of my friends playing on my computer.

So the game that's been played by me most is Don't Starve for 70 Hours. I've really enjoyed that game.

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I'm very happy with the roster and can't wait to get my hands on it.

As others have said I am a little disappointed the Ice Climbers didn't make it in. There is still hope they'll be brought back as DLC characters (which I'm hoping is the case for Lucas and Mewtwo too). I'm not too fussed about it though, I liked the Ice Climbers but they weren't even close to my mains. Lucas on the other hand I was big on, but Ness is so similar I don't mind. They were both two of my mains. Although Mewtwo was pretty awful in Melee I still loved playing as him, just cause he was such a different character and I'm a huge Pokemon fan.

Also I don't really have a problem with the clones, as has been mentioned above their move sets are different enough and go back to the older games. Also, people might hate me for this but I'm quite glad Snake didn't make it back. Although he was an interesting character in how different he was, I never felt like he really fit into the Smash Bros. atmosphere. I also found him incredibly frustrating to play against.

Anyways, very happy with this roster.

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Damn, I really wanted this to be good but so far it sounds pretty boring. Also I have yet to invest in next gen or PC gaming.

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Looks like I might have to go next gen soon!

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I live south of the river and would love to come to this. I will do a little more research and see if it is actually feasible. :D

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Thanks for sharing. I often forget to apply this to my own work, it's good to be reminded of it. The Lang Zone is the real deal.

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Although I'm certain I've done more tedious things, I don't think I find anything more tedious than being unemployed and applying for jobs. I don't usually mind if a job is tedious, I'll do whatever. But god almighty do I hate the process of applying for a new job. I'm getting close to that point now, and I'm dreading it.

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I must say that is awesome!