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Chamomile tea (with a little honey or sugar) is my go to, caffeine doesn't agree with me. Most coffee places have variations of tea anyways.

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Will it be recorded?

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I've been using the mace the cleric starts with as well until I found the Ultra Greatsword. Now I've imbued the mace with lightning to make it extra effective against armored enemies. So yeah basically I have the greatsword and electric mace in two slots.

Need more titanite chunks though, does anyone know if there's a way to get a large amount of them?

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Hey guys, so ti finally arrived today. The gift I chose was the petrified something.

I'm still in the tutorial but the first thing I did was trade it with (Smoothy?) the bird. The result is below:

You can in fact trade it with him (like in demon's and dark souls), I got the white ring back. The white ring makes you look like a (white) phantom, which could be useful for PvP.

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My copy arrives today, should be here soon as amazon says it's out for delivery. Anyways, so dual wielding looks very interesting but I really want to play a heavy cleric (strengt/faith build). However I might dual wield two massive weapons at times for fun if I can. Either way, I was thinking of waiting for my second play through to try dual wielding with a dex./int. build.

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God damn it! I need it to be the 14th already!!!!!! Soon my Cleric shall be able to show his quality! \[T]/

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Amazing work duder! Praise the Crystal Lizards!!! \[T]/

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I really fell in love with the PvP in Dark Souls and am happy about the changes. Other than it sounding like it'll be more balanced and the connection will be better thanks to servers, I'm looking forward to getting invaded, co-op and invading others. Also even the trolling in Dark Souls I found pretty funny and sometimes did some of my own.

In a nutshell I couldn't be more excited about everything Dark Souls II. I finally pre-ordered it too, unfortunately I missed a chance to get the black armor edition though. I guess I'll have to find some other way of getting ahold of the soundtrack.

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I got all the achievements for Dark Souls on the 360, which in actuality wasn't that hard but took a good amount of planning (and time). Since then I have shifted over to the PS3 and PS4, and am kicking myself for not doing it on my PSN account. I'll probably cave sooner or later.

Same here. Never been one that cared about achievements all that much. The DS ones are probably the only ones i've ever worked for.

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That was excellent, thanks for sharing it! :D