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#1 Posted by carlos707 (46 posts) -

Im still pretty interested in this open world driving experiment. I played the beta but without friends to do the activities with i lost interest. I guess i just have to wait for reviews

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As for progress, the host keeps all the progress earned, but not so for the joiner, (Hurk). For them its really only a way to get money, karma, and experience. And loot you pickup, or things you craft also carry over. But unfortunately, doing side quests, taking radio towers, or outposts does not carry over to Hurk's game.

That said, coop is super fun. As in FC3 the outposts are fantastic, but there is a much wider breadth of side quests you can also do in coop, like assassinations (very cool). There are also a lot of random world events like taking out convoys which are fun to do together. So I will still join my friends game to play even if I am not making much progress as Hurk.

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No sorry. Yesterday I played coop with a friend who ALSO owned the game. At first I couldnt join his game, I forgot what the error message was. But then it allowed him to join me. And later I could join him fine too. I think we used the PS4 system level invites to do it.

I am a bit disappointed how little progress carries over the player joining (Hurk). You can earn money, karma, and experience which carries back over. But doing side quests, taking outposts, and radio towers does not carry over to Hurk's single player progress. That said, I love the wide breadth of things you can do together, very fun.

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Yeah, the game gets a little framey on the PS4 for me too. Though never bad I think. In terms of graphical performance, the bigger issue I have is poor texture quality for terrain at a distance, which I notice while I am on the gyrocopter. I wonder how the world looks through a sniper scope. I wish it could use the higher quality assets at greater distances, but I guess that would make it run worse, so I'll take it as it is. This is by no means ruining the game for me, I love it.

All this would be a good argument for upgrading my PC, but it seems that PC ports still aren't getting the love they deserve. Especially bc they always show off the PC version at press shows.

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@ares42: Yeah, Ive been finding the masks. Though you definitely have to look, the game doesn't point them out to you. It also likes to hide them: under beds, on top of book shelves, in little nooks. Make sure you are looking where the chanting sound they make is loudest and you can shoot them if you cant reach them. They are sort of like shooting the coins in RE4.

Have you guys looked at the trophy list yet? It seems like you dont actually need to collect a bunch of stuff to get the platinum. In fact it looks like the platinum would be relatively easy to get. I think thats really admirable that they didn't just default to "collect all X"

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My dream for Just Cause 3: The entire game is playable with 4 player coop.

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@nmarchan said:

Incidentally, you can buy Valve games on both Uplay and Origin, so it's not a mutual feud or anything like that.

That cant be right. What Valve game can you buy outside of Steam?

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I think its totally understandable that Ubisoft would want to cut Steam out of their profits. Sure, they have to make UPlay better. But now Origin works okay, and I have faith Uplay can be fixed as well. Other than UPlay not being as reliable as Steam, this is not an anti-consumer move. Ubisoft wants to sell their games directly to their customers w/o paying Steam, is that so bad?

I dont see why Steam deserves to have a user base that demands they are cut in to every sale on the PC.

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I have a question for those who consider themselves reasonable GamerGaters, those that are against online harassment but have concerns about ethics in games journalism:

Is the GG movement concerned with the emerging feminist movement in the gaming community? Do you have a problem with feminist journalists, developers, and games critics? More to the point, do your views on feminism inform your self-identification as a GGer, or are these two things unrelated to you?

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@sterling: I realized i didnt put in times. One of us isnt available on weekends for the next couple weeks. :(

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