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I don't think psn has figured out the beta code thing yet. But considering the marketing deals between Sony and Bungie/activision I don't think those of us who preordered through psn will be left out. I plan on playing this game for a long time and I don't want to have to swap disks when I play this game with my friends.

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I played the alpha but i didnt notice the toughpad being used for anything more than a button. Did I miss something? I wonder if they will do something with it.

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I was hoping it might be an in-game card game in which you build your deck. Rage had that, I though it was fun.

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@adoggz: I think they are about the same sponginess as in borderlands. They take some hits, but head shots often are one hit kills. Some have regenerating shields. The bosses take tons of hits but there is fodder which die in only few shots.

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@believer258: 8/10 like Borderlands? It seems much closer to Borderlands than an MMO, though MMO parts are there for sure. But it makes some great additions to the Borderlands formula. The fact that you can summon a Star Wars speeder with a button press makes moving long distances fun instead of an annoyance. Also, there is no annoying quest management. The squad leader picks a mission before you enter an instance; there is never more than one mission active, at least in the alpha. Also, though there is loot, it drops rather rarely and when it does it is just put in your inventory automatically. Both these things make party members less likely to check their inventory constantly and it keeps the action moving.

As someone who liked Borderlands, playing the Destiny Alpha made me super excited about the finished product.

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@ll_exile_ll: thanks for the tip. Do you mind deleting this post or my PSN name in it? I still get so many friend requests and its annoying with the PS4 interface to say no. Anyway, that would be awesome. Thanks

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@demoskinos: dont upgrade to premium. Ive read that installing the DLC causes problems, like you cant join games.

I have been waiting to start the single player campaign on PS4 till I know I wont lose progress. Can I start yet?

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@alkusanagi: @caduceus77: sweet I'll add you guys. Ive been reading Promethea, so I actually know what a caduceus is. lol

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I am looking for ppl to friend on the PS4 so that I can experience the online components of the single player game, like sharing the location of royal convoys. My playstation name is (deleted), add me! Or write your name in this forum and Ill add you.

EDIT: I removed my PSN name because I have a shit ton of new friends now and really dont need that many to experience the AC4 stuff. Though, there are other PSN names on this board to find.

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Does anyone know if there is permanent progression when playing coop? Can you unlock shortcuts in coop? You couldn't on the Xbox. If you can I would consider buying this a second time. maybe there is a hack.

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