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Might as well, 5 pages in already, but why not!

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I believe Jeff and Vinny did get the true ending, but it might be different from Golden? Think they got some hints to make sure they got the true ending during the endurance run.

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Best arena run I've had was 5 with a Paladin. I'm always really enthusiastic about arena when I start, then end up with terrible decks. I didn't expect that Paladin to go anywhere near 5 wins after making it. My mana curves are usually messed up, with far too many minions and none of the good removal spells with the class. Just made a Mage deck for another run and didn't get any aoe, or pyroblasts. Doubt this deck will go very far, first game was a loss. Just need to get better at card selection I guess.

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"When the final story beats play out, as it becomes clear that everything was leading up to this moment, an otherwise fairly traditional story became elevated by gaming's defining trait: interactivity."

That is an incredible way to explain why the ending of Brothers was so great without giving anything away, well done.

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Redeemed my copy of Dota 2, thanks Giant Bomb community, and Branthog in particular for working this hard, this thing has been going on for a while.

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Seems like there a bunch of keys in this thread, not sure how many have actually been claimed. Might as well ask, anyone got another key?

My steam ID is carnage1290.

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Just recently picked up Leona as a change of pace from my usual support picks and she's really fun. I wouldn't want to play her with an ADC that I couldn't talk to because she requires a decent amount of coordination, but I love how aggressive you can be in the laning phase. Locking someone down while my ADC tears them apart is really fun, and her ultimate is a blast to use the whole game, especially in team fights. Being super tanky and just living through stuff is great also. Overall really fun champion to support with.

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Not a lot of entries yet, might as well throw my name in.

Top Ten:

  1. DOTA 2
  2. THQ Humble Bundle
  3. Hitman Blood Money
  4. Alpha Protocol
  5. Don't Starve
  6. Torchlight 2
  7. Blocks that Matter
  8. Snapshot
  9. L.A. Noire
  10. Frozen Synapse

Thanks for doing this!

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Would just like to say this is great work saving me a lot of trouble. Just bought Spec Ops on the steam sale to see the story stuff, so trying to avoid their discussions about the game. Keep it up!

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"Dad, do you have any vegetables in your pants?" "Just my balls! With grass residue."

Almost turned it off right there. Didn't much care for this one either, definitely felt throw away, just another space adventure.