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One corp member agrees:

"Eve is still hard but rolling with Kite Co. has made it easier/ fun. Join today!"

-Hans Nakatomi

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Same here, using Dolphin browser v 8.7.0

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Sorry to hear about your troubles man, sounds like they' re sorting it out at least.

The real issue is this hockey lockout bullshit, go Devils.

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@Giantstalker: Haven't even heard of this game, thanks for the recommendation. I like me a good strategy game from time to time.

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@BiffMcBlumpkin I keep hearing about Heady Topper, I'll have to check if I can get it out here in SF. Looks delicious. Grats on your Westies.

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The podcast where Jeff pulled up the live feed of the numbers station was fantastic, too funny. I think that was also the one with all the ham radio talk.

The fact that there were so many great moments this year is a testament to the quality of this site. My membership feels like money well spent.

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For me it would be either Argo or Looper.

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WOW!! Thanks so much Bobafettjm, always wanted to try this game. Now I will!

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Make a donation in his name to the Human Fund, or any charity of your choice.

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That bass line is red hot.

I've watched this 4-5 times throughout the day.


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