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Super super long shot of course but if anyone has a spare EU code they can share it would be really appreciated.

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Picked these up. I always liked the vibe and the idea of the Metro games but I'd only ever gotten as far as the first encounter once you go into the tunnels with the smuggler guy near the start. There's a group of bandits patrolling around a campfire and I kept trying to stealthily take them all out without being seen and every time some weird A.I. thing would happen and suddenly everyone would know where I was and it would just turn into a shootout. I got frustrated and ended up never going back to it.

I just played through the same section in Redux and was able to go through and pick them off one by one with my silenced pistol on my first try. It definitely feels a lot more accessible so far and is easily worth the £15 they are charging for each game.

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This is a total bummer, the last game was one of my favourite games of that year and I was genuinely excited to play the next instalment. As I live in Japan I made the choice to go PS4 as the XBONE still isn't out here.

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Unlikely to get there from Sheffield, but I'll be there in spirit (chiefly, whisky)

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I was 15 when I started listening to Ryan Davis on the hot spot. I'm 25 now. However bad any week in the past ten years has been I've always enjoyed at least 1 to 3 hours of it. Thanks Ryan and Rest In Peace.

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My steam username is leakster. I'd really appreciate a key, wouldn't mind checking it out. You know...if anyone has a spare.

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I deleted my save and played through to the same point fairly speedily. An annoying and confusing bug though. Hope it doesn't happen again though cause I'm a little over halfway to seeing every ending for every character and losing a save now sad.

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Hey, so there I was playing, and enjoying, the cave. I just finished the time traveller section and got frustrated at the same part I'm sure everyone does and found a new cave painting. I looked at it, looked at some others I'd found and the tried to back out to the game again. The whole thing locked up and my only choice was to turn off the console (360). When I re-loaded the game everything was fine until I selected 'continue game'. Where an error message popped up that says "This disc is unreadable. 1. Clean the disc with a soft cloth 2. Restart the console"
Any ideas how I can apply a soft cloth to a metaphorical disc?
I restarted the console and it still has the error message, frustrating because I had done the puzzles for each of my 3 characters so assume I was near the end...

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Yes and then don't play 3.