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@oldirtybearon: That true? You know.... what you said about the hamster?

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@village_guy: yeah I'm planning the same. I am however undecided about which gender for each class so far I've settled on male barb, female monk , male witch doctor and suggestions for the rest?

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Ah marokai you continue to be the most consistently well spoken level headed member of this community, I tip my hat sir.

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Those who tell you cant succeed are those who failed themselves.

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@falserelic: I fail to see how this is relevant to this topic. Sounds to me like you just want to brag, and honestly, it just makes you look like a douche.

The question asked what obvious thing I've learned, and all I was saying is that pushing myself will get the results I want. People that's familiar with me on this site knows I just enjoy working out. I don't see how I was bragging.

Bragging or not, it just doesn't fit the point of this thread. People are talking about obvious things that they should have realized before, not general life lessons.

Something like "I learned that honesty is important in a relationship." is no more or less appropriate here than "I'm dating a super model, and I learned that honesty is important in a relationship." At least that's how I interpreted the point of this thread. Good for you when it comes to staying healthy, though.

Alright, Maybe I went abit off the rails with my gym comment. If people felt like I was being an ass, then I apologize. To give a answer that's more fitting to this thread. The most obvious thing I learned recently. Is that I should probably better analyze a thread before commenting, but knowing me that may or may not happen. I'm just a weird person all around.

Yeah no offence dude, but pretty much every topic I see you post in you seem to be mentioning how you go to the gym, I know it can be tempting to talk about the gym alot when you first start as you learn so much but alot of people arent going to like you for it. Just a bit of friendly advice.

Now back on topic only recently did I realise that war is raw spelt backwards for the wwe slogan raw is war. Mind fucking blown.

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That PPV was painful to watch. The last match was even more so. On the one hand, yay for seeing cena get his butt kicked, but boo for how terrible of a match it was. Lesner looked like he was about to pass out after a couple throws. I kept praying for the fans to start a this is boring chant. Also, that kid screaming lets go cena was like nails on a chalk board.

If you thought this PPV was awful I have no clue what you want.

I agree. Last night was booked just about as well as it could have been. Great matches across the board. I don't think I was that into a PPV since Wrestlemania 30.

Yeah I thought the whole PPV was awesome, that last match was just a recreation of Rocky 3 and it was awesome.

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I do not like it one bit.

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So I hope the next time we see Brock is at Survivor Series. I don't think Brock NEEDS to be there. Brock is an attraction because you don't see him that often. If he is there all the time that mistique is lost. This also gives the WWE the opportunity to make the intercontinental belt mean something again. Just think of all the great IC title bouts in the 80/90's. That doesn't happen anymore.

I want Brock to then hold the title until Wrestlemania 31 where he loses it to Roman Reigns.

Im pretty sure Brock is booked to fight at Night of champions, I seem to remember being told that back at wrestlemania.

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Eh, no one. I came out feeling better I bought both consoles but wishing it wasn't taking nearly a year to get a good catalog of games for it.

Name one system that had a good catalogue of games within a year. Let's just put the number at 10 games.

The Nintendo GameCube, in its first year of release:

Luigis mansion

Wave race


Ssx tricky

Rogue squadron 2

Super monkey ball

Animal crossing

Burn out

Eternal darkness

Metroid prime

Resident evil remake

Resident evil 0

Star Fox adventures

Jedi knight 2

Super Mario sunshine