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I got 53, how colour blind am I?

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Hey just because someone is big doesn't make them a roid head, even if in this case they were arseholes.

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Reading this thread I think there are some people on here with a genuine need to get some mental health help, think about it.

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Anybody know anything of the archives yet? Going to be put behind a paywall?

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Soooooooooooooooo I had this problem but to a greater extent about 2 years ago I realised I had 300+ games to play through. After playing a ton and just getting rid of some that werent worth my time Im down to like 40.

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@flstyle: Great write up as always!

Whos everyones pick for Ultra?

Tough so say because I don't think there's a handle on Ultra yet at all, but I'd go... Kazunoko? Aren't all 5 Gods coming this year? Champ, Chris, or Apologyman for Marvel. N-O for BBCP.

I will also win Saltybet. Except probably not.

Would be funny to see Apologyman win as the salt would be ridiculous.

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@stonyman65: Each episode is normally somewhere around 2-3 hours

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So, anywho, it's not just this thread, but there a many, many people who seem to think that Dan should play lots of games with his Dad (which would be good as the previous stuff he did is entertaining)... but, in my mind there's just one tiny little problem... I do not believe his Dad lives in San Fransisco... Are all of you going to chip in to uproot him and anyone else who needs/wants to come with him? Would he even want to move? Should Dan travel to his Dads' every week to record content? Will you pay for that?

Logistics is a harsh mistress.

Dan said himself, I believe it was in the original welcoming thread, that he would in fact be continuing to do videos with his father. I don't know how that'll work out, but the man seems to have every intention of doing it.

The same as It did with GI, Paul doesn't live in Minneapolis either but uses his holidays to visit his son.