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The easiest way is to watch youtube for sure.

If you want to try and figure it out yourself the way I do it is look at all special moves and ex versions see which moves leave the opponent in a juggle state (either ground bounce, or in the air) I then do the same thing for all the listed move combos, once you know all this you should be able to work out a combo or 2. Lastly for an ender to the combo I usually find a high damaging string that is cancelable at the end.

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Finished up the story really like that Cassie Cage is the one to take down the big baddie at the end. Time to see now who I end up maining

Havent started the story yet, but I like her character design, why did you like that ending? Is she a cool character?

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@gunslingerpanda said:

@neocalypso said:

I think people interested in this game should definitely check out the demo because it definitely unsold me on the game.

Yeah, I just played the demo and have definitely revised my plans of picking it up on day one. Running back to the bosses and picking up arrows didn't bother me, but it's very easy, very dull, and very, very simple. Any aspirations of atmosphere close to Souls or Shadow of the Colossus is undone by the fact that the world looks like an RPG Maker tileset made in paint. Admittedly that could all change later on but the demo didn't reflect that. I can certainly see why the hype has died down.

I bought it anyway. I had to know...

I'm an idiot. It's terrible.

Yeah game is garbage.

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That looked fucking terrible

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@sackmanjones: low to mid 20s mid screen, low to mid 30s in corner, low to mid 40s with 1 meter in corner, seems to be what I'm seeing for most characters. I'm sure there are better combos though

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@overnow: Yeah they changed the timing, you have to hit rt at the exact same time as the other button whereas before you would hit it slightly afterwards.

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Hey Duders, got this game a day early and played around with it abit thought id share my thoughts. I'm not a mortal kombat expert (only played around 30 hours of 9) but I have put in 1000s of hours with fighting games so I have a little bit of knowledge on them.

Game looks fantastic

The 3 variations of each fighter range from being really interesting from some characters to a little annoying with others as some characters feel like all their moves just got split between 3 sets.

Netcode is still janky as shit (come on guys!)

Game still has a clunkyness to it that mk9 did (and to a little lesser extent injustice)

Combo system is very much like both mk9 and injustice

Seems to be a greater emphasis on ex moves then mk9

standing resets no longer seem to be the name of the game, moves don't gain invincibility on wakeup anymore and in fact most characters only invincible wakeup moves are ex.

We will have to see once other people get it but unlike mk9 and injustice damage doesnt seem way way over the top, my raiden 1 meter bnb does 44%

Jump in moves feel different, Kung laos divekick doesnt bounce of people anymore

Goros sorry arse is staring at you on the character select screen asking you to buy him.

Havent played any of the story mode yet.

Again, netcode so far is janked.

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one thing against scholar is the durability bug where everything breaks way quicker then it should, can be a real pain in the arse.

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@hollitz: Don't want to cause an argument but plenty of people have made this claim and Anita Sarkeesian has said that games reinforce sexual stereotyping.

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@thatpinguino: You can but you have to pay for it,

There seems to be more coming out about it anyways.