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Tron effing Bonne

Has a robot, makes mad dollar, fucks people up.

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This games bullshit is getting called out by some:

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@kishinfoulux: I don't know much about the guy so cant really comment on him but to say I read his Bayonetta 2 review and felt sorry for him as he basically says he couldn't enjoy a really fun game because of social issues, that bums me out that someone has gotten like that.

Anyways, back on target, I, much like everyone (virtually) in this thread agree they dont need to talk about anything and throwing the word privilege out there and thinking that instantly justifies your argument seems pretty silly, this does come across as just trying to start an argument for no real good reason. Mods should probably just lock this down as I cant see much more coming from this other then "no that is dumb".

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That is super dumb, the reasoning makes no sense either.

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Oh man that list video was terrible.

WoW 10 years old fuck me.

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I honestly feel like this is why gamergate hasn't died yet, they could well feel that if they quit fucking idiots like this will be left to rule unchallenged.

And yes people who post shit onto twitter and then seem utterly befuddled when people reply to that post need someone to explain how twitter works to them.

Rule what, exactly? His niche corner of the indie game market?

I never said it was a smart mindset :)