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Huge fan, been to see them 6 times when they have toured England over the years. I know alot of people fell of with baby 81 but I think that albums immense.

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2% milk on the daily!

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I read the full transcript earlier, did not see a single thing wrong with it, also saying that all eu games should have english is a pretty big assumption to make.

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I'm so out of touch. What's happening, what's MLP?

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Not even close, I like games way way more then giant bomb.

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If your embarrassed about playing games then it probably has something to do with the rest of your makeup, also alot of your post comes across as super pretentious.

Its called games for a reason, its because they are games.

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As others have said to consider people you watch online your friends is delusional and something you should really think about if your reading this and thats the case as it is not a healthy frame of mind either.

Does anybody on here actually consider the bombcrew to be their friends?

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@marokai: I agree I dont think the "left" has gone off the edge completely but the representatives and leading voices in the party certainly have. Look at the craziness of "do all lives matter or do black lives matter", absolutely fucking bonkers. Whenever I see someone ask Hillary Clinton why she would be a good leader her answer is always "well im a women" bonkers. The right went of the fucking deep end years ago.