I'm really getting tired of achievements.  I have the unfortunate personality trait of wanting to collect everything making my desire to get all achievements in games I own pretty high.  That combined with the extensiveness of my library is rather unfortunate.  I'm suffering gaming burnout because I'm trying to complete more games before I start one of the many in my backlog.  It is starting to take the fun out of gaming.... anybody else face this?


Gears 2

I finished the last achievement i needed in Gears 2 yesterday.  I spent an unknown amount of hours grinding both Veteran Gear (thank you 20x multiplier) and Seriously 2.0.  I don't know what it is about achievements that get us to do crazy things like spend hours doing the same damn thing again and again just to get a little plink - achievement unlocked.  Oh well.. on to the next grind.


Too many games and not enough time

Why oh why are publishers doing this to me!!! 
Isn't it great that we can complain that there are tooo many games coming out.  Man I wish i was at a place in my life that i could just play games all day.  I have soooo many that i need to catch up on from last year let alone what has already been release this month.  I almost wonder if publishers are trying to push and create too many new games and it is just hurting the industry in general due to quality and lack of community development.