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Thank you Ryan for all the joy you've brought to our lives. I've had some rough Monday's at work wondering why the fuck I was even bothering to live, you were always there to lift me up first thing after clocking out. You've truly helped to change gaming journalism in a way that will be felt long after we're all gone. Much love. Rest in peace friend.

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I totally screwed up ordering a shirt from GB, didn't put my apartment number. I figured I was screwed at that point, but I emailed the staff and not but a hour or so later I was being helped. looks like I'll be having I new shirt shipped out to me in a week. I can't say how much this means to me, I don't think I could ever consider not being a part of this great community at this point and I would really like to thank Wiskey Media and Daniel Miesner for there time.

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If an Xbox can play this building a PC for this would be cheap.

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@Meowshi: This game is going to look much worse on console without a doubt. I wouldn't expect anything close to what the game looks like now. My brand new video card barely keep a solid frame rate when on high settings, and DX11 shadows absolutely crush it. That's with a quad core at 3.2 and 6 gigs of ram, not top of the line but at least 3-4x better than any current gen console.

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Open way for Steam fan boys vs. Origin. I'll take steam.

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@yakov456 said:

Good, get knocked down a couple of pegs and realize your shit does indeed stink. Stop being cocks to the consumer. Nintendo, you need to change your ways.

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Holly crap, thank you for that last one. It's 3am in the morning and I'm turning this computer OFF!

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copy and paste

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@Ragdrazi: Nice

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