I can has far cry?

When I first herd Ubisoft was publishing a new far cry game my first reaction was "lawl new shitty fps from ubisoft" but ever since that first tech demo shown like a year ago or so it started to get my attention. New location, new engine, new direction,(not to mention ditching the cheesy mutant dudes) now Far Cry 2 was starting took look as promising as the original. E308 confirmed my optimistic beliefs and with the addition to this new trailer just released im official on the Far Cry 2 bandwagon. This game is extremely ambitious and looks nothing short then amazing. Can't wait for this one

*UPDATE* by far the worst game ive played this year.


Top 5 Most Anticipated Games For X360 Seen At E3

So far this E3 has been all about co-op and online multi-player. So without further a due here are my top five games seen at e308 for the 360.

Number 5.

Resident Evil 5, never really been a fan of the series but the new co-op features have me sold, not to mention the graphics look pretty damn good.

Number 4.
Far Cry 2
Sandbox FPS say wha??? Yes Far Cry 2 definitely looks worth wile. Just the shire scope of the game looks amazing.  Hopefully the AI turns out to be as good as everybody says, all I know is Africa has never looked so good.

Number 3.
With a new co-op campaign, a party system for multiplayer, epic large scale battles, tons of new weapons, better graphics, and a tons of new features, I might be able to look over the fact that the plot totally sucks.

Number 2.
Left 4 Dead
From the same guys who brought you Counter Strike Source, a four player co-op zombie shooter.....yes. Probibly the coolest part about this game is the AI director making so one level never plays out the same twice. And dont forget the fact that your also going to be able to play on the infected side. This sounds like one game I'll be playing with me bros for some time to come.

Number 1.
Mercs 2
Mercs 2 co-op nuff said.