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I don't know who this guy is but I like him already.

He should drag Jeff and Drew to Evo. Would make a great travelogue.

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Yeah, but video games, guys. Am I right?

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You're making the right decision duder! You should give sunflower seeds a try as a supplemental oral fixation, I recommend Dill Pickle flavored Spitz sunflower seeds.

I like these just on their own, I don't even smoke. It's a habit i picked up from my many years of baseball.

Most people find them disgusting, though.

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Picture a hot dog bun and throw all the stars, the hundreds of stars that there are in the universe, into a bag, and put the universe into a bag, and all of a sudden they become... um...


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I found that getting a coaching lesson for the SAT raised my score a ton (about 6 years ago, when i was in high school). You might also consider taking the ACT instead, if it seems like you would be more successful with that one. They are both slightly different in content.

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I've seen some things about it that made me want to check it out, but being a Norwegian (that also spent a good amount of time studying vikings) I'm afraid it'll just be cringe-worthy for me to watch.

That sounds like even more fun.

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But what about cheetahs? They're like, insanely fast and stuff. Also, given proper eyewear, they can be dangerously cheesy.

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