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The problem I see in this addition is that in every game with ADS, using ADS is the only way to effectively hit anything.

Which means that the feel of Halo combat - with the "fluidly jumping/shooting/grenading/meleeing while strafing and juking around a bunch to avoid getting hit" will be fundamentally broken, because you can't do that dynamic combat stuff if you have to zoom in and hold your gun up to your face to hit anything.

...It'll be just like every other game now.


For those of you saying "this doesn't seem like a big deal, stop complaining internet gamer idiots," this post is the reason why it is a big deal. ADS fundamentally changes the style and flow of combat. Imagine TF2/Quake/UT with ADS where, instead of circle strafing around and bunnyhopping, you and your enemies are just pulling up ADS when you see each other and holding down the fire button until one of you is dead. That is the fundamental difference between the arena-style combat of those shooters and the ADS-style of most other modern military shooters. That is why this change is a big and potentially alienating deal.

Exactly. It's a huge change, and could potentially rip the game flow to shreds. Sprint could be just as bad. It largely depends on how they design the maps, though.

When halo reach added sprint, it broke the previously sound design of many maps. On a map like Sanctuary, where every inch is carefully spaced and the amount of time it takes to get from one part of the map to the next is critical, sprint became mandatory and dumb. Objective games sucked because either team could be on the enemy's side of the map 6 seconds after they spawned.

Sprint makes sense in a modern military fps like battlefield, where you might spawn a minute's run away from the action and need to dart from cover to cover. It makes sense in a game like Destiny where the player is empowered in mobility with double jumps, jet packs, insane dashing bladedancer abilities, etc. It doesn't make as much sense in halo's signature style of gameplay.

The clip looks like a potential step in the wrong direction to me. Obviously it's very early to tell for sure how the game plays. I would just prefer that 343 not regress farther than they did with halo 4. People (like Jeff, who always complained there wasn't sprint) may embrace sprint because they really just want to run around till they find a guy and shoot him, but there was so much more to halo's combat in previous iterations that I hope it doesn't end up that way. We have enough of those today, and not enough good halos.

Edit: I've seen more clips with different mobility features and heard about a dash boost and double jump. Plus, a 343 rep tweeted that ads works like zoom in previous halos, just with a different visual. We'll have to see whether those break the game or just add to it. I will add, though, that I like their concept of "fair start," meaning everybody spawns with the same weapons and abilities rather than a custom loadout.

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I take no side to this internet social war, and I don't think Giant Bomb, with its integrity and open agenda of "dumb video game fun", should be a battleground for this war either.

I'm happy that the GB staff have mostly minimized direct partisanship to either side of this movement other than ultimately acknowledging that online trolls are bad. I wouldn't label the GB staff SJWs, anti-GGers, or pseudo-journalist agenda-pushers from the statements made here. They don't like seeing some people they know getting hurt by nameless people on the internet, and that doesn't make them "corrupt journalists." I just hope the staff does't fall victim to (intentionally or not) being lumped into a group they don't represent.

Jeff's criticism of GG's message ambiguity here is on point, and applies to both vague "sides" in this war. There has been deception, false flagging, censorship, doxxing, and a lot of dumb, irresponsible comments and actions from both "sides," in addition to the broadly publicized death threats. Some activists on both sides enjoy the rah-rah atmosphere of fighting for their own ethics, while others speak out only to seek more public recognition and legitimacy among their peers.

As a GB community member, I think that the staff and community should (and pretty much does) avoid making large, sweeping "fuck those guys" comments to either side without reading deeper, past the superficial inflammatory headlines on blogger sites, subreddit links, and tweets. Attacking and generalizing without understanding the context only stifles any real conversation and fans the emotional fire.

Please don't make hasty assumptions, don't bandwagon, and don't get caught up in partisanship. Not all game journalists are in bed with the industry, not all gamers are bigots, not all feminists are ignorant. But, sometimes, not all Giant Bomb members aren't assholes. Skepticism, even - or especially - regarding one's own views is essential, despite what many internet communities seem to show.

GB staff, your silence was well heard by me, but I'm also happy that friends in the industry may feel fortified against undue internet hate because of your words.

I just hope the staff and the community of this site don't start trying to shout above the deafening hateful screams from both sides of this internet war.

I just want to hear what Vinny has to say about Duck Dynasty.

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And although that gun seems exciting, I have a Legendary version of the same gun called Unwilling Soul-09 and I can tell you they really aren't all that fun in practice. The impact on the rounds is so low and the recoil so severe that any attempt to focus on what you're shooting at is kind of foolish. I keep trying to grind it's XP for use in the Crucible when I'm doing lower tier stuff but whenever I'm doing anything even slightly taxing like a Vanguard Tiger playlist I have to switch back to The Devil You Know, my Legendary hand cannon. It holds 12 rounds and one-shot kills anything with a head shot other than bosses and knights/wizards/etc. type enemies, whereas even at 257 attack a freaking Goblin will absorb half a clip from this other gun.

In fact I often think of breaking it down for parts and just using my Rare Galahad-E. Fully upgraded it would have a lower attack stat than the Soul-09 does now but just does so much more damage per shot that I'm really not sure what Attack even means. Impact seems way more important.

Nah man Atheon's Epilogue is awesome and quite different from Unwilling Soul-09, a gun i was looking to use before i got Atheon's.

Its main strength is its void damage as a primary weapon. You can have a bullet hose doing 300% damage with the void burn modifier in nightfall strikes.

My upgrades give me better stability the longer it is fired. This is great because the mag cap is something like 80 ROUNDS so there's just more dakka everywhere, but headshots aren't impossible either.

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We already have.

Look in the mirror.

You are the controller.

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I don't know who this guy is but I like him already.

He should drag Jeff and Drew to Evo. Would make a great travelogue.

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Yeah, but video games, guys. Am I right?

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You're making the right decision duder! You should give sunflower seeds a try as a supplemental oral fixation, I recommend Dill Pickle flavored Spitz sunflower seeds.

I like these just on their own, I don't even smoke. It's a habit i picked up from my many years of baseball.

Most people find them disgusting, though.

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Picture a hot dog bun and throw all the stars, the hundreds of stars that there are in the universe, into a bag, and put the universe into a bag, and all of a sudden they become... um...


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I found that getting a coaching lesson for the SAT raised my score a ton (about 6 years ago, when i was in high school). You might also consider taking the ACT instead, if it seems like you would be more successful with that one. They are both slightly different in content.

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