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It's been a couple weeks since I played anything (Dragon Age: Inquisition bummed me out so much that I needed to take a video game break), so I think I'll dig into some of my back catalog. I never played Far Cry 3, and my buddy keeps recommending it, so I might try that one. I also need to get back into Shadow of Mordor; I hear good things. Finally, I have a few fanatical friends who have been trying to get me to play Destiny again, so I might do some strikes with them.

Oh, and on Sunday, I will be watching the football. All of the football.

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I'd have to say tower defense. I've never played a tower defense game that I've enjoyed.

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I played Oblivion for about 400 hours. I think that's my non-MMO record.

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Been playing Dragon Age: Inquisition and South Park: The Stick of Truth. Both games are quite good... even though a game-breaking bug in Inquisition forced me to restart after 35 hours. The gall!

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The worst thing that happened to ICP is that people started taking them seriously (in one way or another). If you treat them like a couple of random goofballs, then you'll probably hate them less.

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I went to the moon. I liked it, but I tend to really like Destiny as a whole. I thought the end of the mission was particularly exciting.

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Been scrobbling pretty consistently since 2007. It's good for stat tracking and finding new stuff, though I tend to find new stuff through Facebook these days (my Pages Feed is just a bunch of music news at this point).

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Also PS4. The only issue I have is that I suck at it.

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You can find lists (including mine) here:

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Darkwing Duck for the NES. Returned it the day I bought it (it was back when you could still return games because you didn't like them).