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Take your time and don't rush.


Test drive everything even if it's out of your price range. What you want to do is build up experiences of different cars so you can compare them against one another.

If you've got a friend or family member that's a car fanatic then take them with you on the test drives. It always helps to have someone there to tell you a car is shit if a car really is shit.

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I would also suggest looking at any 9xx series video card that fits your budget seeing as they have their Witcher 3 promotion going on.

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I found that equipping the school armour led me to not die from one hit by the meteors and that a majority of the time if you stand still as he begins to launch his meteors they actually just end up missing you

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A lot of people have suggested movies to watch and stuff like that so I wont do the same but I will suggest that maybe you can get a greater appreciation for cinema when you understand more of the art behind it.

Every Frame a Painting is a really cool channel and the guy chooses various aspects of directors and editors and showcases why it works or doesn't work in the case of Bayhem

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Just as an aside Cowboy Bebop's probably got the best dubbing track I've ever come across, usually I can't stand dubs.

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I followed Jeff and Co from Gamespot.

It's crazy to think that I've been visiting this website regularly for almost 7 years now.

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I made the mistake early on to take the the threaded cane... I died a ridiculous amount of times on the cleric beast (can't remember exactly how many but it must have taken me more than three hours or so) but as soon as I found the saw spear shit became way easier and I killed him straight after.

Father G only took me a few tries. I got him down to his beast mode first try because it was kind of obvious when he could be parried but man that beast mode took me by surprise and killed me straight away! But once I figured out that you he leaves himself open after he does that lunge attack it became a relatively straight forward boss. I didn't even realise you could get the music box until later on when I was farming blood vials because Fuck blood starved beast! I think, like Dan, I wasn't using the right clothes and getting poisoned straight away :(

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Ok maybe not a few hours in but a bit later when you meet up with Paul Denton in the hotel and he tells you to run away. If you, like me, you do run away then Paul dies and so you miss out on all the dialogue between the two brothers and also kinda makes it seem like more of a revenge story. But yea, I had no idea that he could even survive the encounter and that I was actually making a choice at that point in the game.

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Deus Ex.

Jay Anthony Franke who voices JC Denton (the main character) at a panel in PAX Aus blew my mind when he said there was a choice a few hours in that changes everything and playing the game at the time you have no idea that you're even making a decision or in my case that you've made the 'wrong' decision.

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@hypnotoadbrwowrowrow: That would be amazing! But there's probably too many people in suits around that wouldn't like the sound of that.