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@neozeon: well dont speak too soon cuz you about to get like 5 renditions of Xrd... XX had the original, #r, Slash, AC and AC+R

super psyched though and very happy to see them embracing the fgc in their trailer.

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Man aliens bums me out. I know a ton of people love it and that's cool but it just seemed like a dumb action movie with incredibly cheesy dialogue and bad acting.

It also didn't answer any questions about the nature of the xenomorph except to give them a life cycle similar to ants...

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this game is so good... hope lots of people get to experience it for the first time due to this.

inquisition looks kinda whack.

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I liked the book as a kid and remember being super disappointed when I saw the movie.

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@gaff: from my experience very few session guys get performance royalties. It's usually just a flat rate for the session. The main exception would be unionized groups like the orchestras that do film scores in CA.

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i find it really weird that people are so quick to throw all their hopes onto this game. the idea caught a lot of peoples imaginations but there is no concrete idea of how you actually interact with this game or if it is in any way interesting beyond the incredibly interesting premise. i also feel like people, perhaps because of the fact that not much is known, are expecting wildly different things out of the game. like i think jeff said something about going to planets and annihilating everything.

if it just turns out to be procedurally generated pokemon snap where my only interaction with the creatures and worlds is viewing them/recording them in some log i have no interest.

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1. new vegas, 2 morrowind, 3 skyrim, 4 dishonored, 5 i dont know.

i dont know if new vegas is really a bethesda game. i mean they made the engine/gameplay systems but it was handled by obsidian and their writing is what makes it my number 1

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its still in beta till the 30th but Divinity: Original Sin is pretty amazing.

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GB is weird in that even some relatively mild criticism gets extremely strong responses from a lot of people. often telling them if they dont like it, leave.

this guy comes in and is polite but still gets shut down like he is some complete asshole or something.

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i think the cynicism has definitely been upped in recent years. not a big deal to me as i still find it humorous but yeah its a little one-notey.