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Levio91 said:
"Id like to work there some ex employee guy from gamespot works there"

Rich Gallup

He has a page on this site

If he and Alex Navarro worked at GiantBomb as well, it would probably make lots of people warm and fuzzy inside
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The demo has me sold, I'm buying this during the weekend

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XBLA: Worms

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Any episode/season that features lots of Ben

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What would happen when you go SS?

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Blizzard has an MMO in the works, what are you all hoping for?

Starcraft would be nice as a polar opposite to WoW, Diablo would be great but one would assume that items/environments etc... may overlap, WoW2 is a possibility, but I don't see why they would bother with it...

Or is it WoW for consoles? Blizzard has only ventured into console gaming once but the job advertisements do mention 'next-gen', a term associated with consoles typically.

Hopefully a new franchise!

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AttackedCamo said:

"What's your favorite Brucie quote?
Mine is "Stay Alpha, bro." For some reason that always makes me chuckle."

Stay Alpha - for sure!

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Thanks for the replies peeps, I obviously do not expect everything on this site to be completed at once to those that stated as much, was more so enquiring to the future plans. Anyhow I guess my question was answered in the latest podcast which I am clearly yet to listen to...

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Hi Folks

This question may or may not have recently been addressed (have poked around the site unsuccesfully), but I was wondering whether the kind overlords at GiantBomb HQ have stated as to whether profiles on this site will have support for 360 GamerTags? (as well as all the other second rate baloney on other consoles)


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Well when I visited the states In n Out was definetly the winner

For any Aussies (Melbournians in particular) try Andrews Hamburgers near Albert Park, easily the best burgers in town!