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Hey guys, here is my Mark of the Ninja series. I will keep updating it with links to videos as I put them out on youtube. Please let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions on how to improve the series. This is my first go at a Let's Play and I am having a lot of fun, hope you enjoy the videos!

Cast Plays: Mark of the Ninja [Ep.4] (Stealth kills are overrated)

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Cast Plays: Mark of the Ninja [Ep.3] (Lasers are bad news)

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Cast Plays: Mark of the Ninja [Ep.2] (Not so sneaky)

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Cast Plays: Mark of the Ninja [Ep.1] (Ninja Timelord)

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That was such a great panel! Glad I could be there live and run up and give away 40 cents to Jeff. Good times at pax! #makeitright

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All the videos are freezing for me, doesn't matter what browser I am in. Its starting to get really annoying, i just wanna watch my GB videos :(

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@PsEG said:

Having the exact same issue -- all my PMs are sending successfully, but upon pressing submit it gives the appearance of being stuck in the sending phase.

Firefox 4.0.1, Windows 7.

Same deal here

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@onarum: I sent Vinny, and Jeff a PM to see if we can use it, ill let you know
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Thanks for all the quick responses! Can we find out if we can rip it from the stream? i don't want to steal anything from GB just wanna enjoy those PHAT beats while I play games

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I was wondering if anyone has or knows where i can find the music they used during the E3 live streams. If this has been asked already sorry for starting this topic but I really want to find that music, it was great! If anyone could help it would be much appreciated.

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Other then this Blog i have started my personal blog..... Wasn't trying to advertise...ill edit the link out sorry.