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Just went back on played the first two levels on Legendary. Had a blast. I forgot how smart the enemy AI was.

Elites took cover when their shields were low, put constant fire to put pressure on my shields, and whenever I took cover to regen they would try to flank and nade me out.

The combat dynamic and the enemy variety is so much better than many current shooters.

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Seems like Ebay sucks if you are a small time/enthusiast seller and great if you are a purchaser.

It's probably because the Ebay model has changed gears towards big power sellers who can afford the occasional scam returns because they sell so much overall.

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@cirdain: Does this mean we can single out and blame Dave Lang for the terrible port?

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@big_jon said:

Something big happened over there to change that studios culture I swear.


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I recently just built my own computer and decided to go with a cheaper mobo and haven't really thought about SLI. Even if I wanted to, my mobo just doesn't support SLI.

I am planning to stick with the GTX 970 until the next big bang for your buck graphics card comes out.

I am pulling ~40fps average on Witcher 3 at 1440p and I am quite happy with it - especially since I've grown accustomed to ~30fps after being on consoles for such a long time.

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I am 80 hours in and haven't even gone to Skellige, its such a huge amazing game I will be sad when its over.

The good news is that you still have a long ways to go

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@zombie2011: But the "ultimate" version doesn't give you access to all cars/DLC?