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It looks like it popped up with "The Little Guys" quest set.  I remember my uncompleted quests being at 186/216 before "The Little Guys" launched and now it's at 190/221.

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Reposting the hints from my thread since it was redundant and possibly getting removed soon or whatever happens to doubled up topics.
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" New quest means it's time for some new hints.  Probably gonna be another topic already, but hey...

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#71 to finish.  One of my faster sets.

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@Guv_Bubbs:@Guv_Bubbs said:
" @Milkman said:
" I really don't like these quests where I have no control over anything. I just need to wait and see if a mod will randomly quote me.  "
The mods do a great job tho, don't you think? "
Bleh, here's another set I'm doomed to fail since I only come around the forums at the time of new quests anyway.
Least I got... get...  Right, at least it's not a weekly challenge quest.
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Yeah, guess I could use comments...

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 That only got me up to 600, lol.  I'm so sad that I need to beg again.

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Guess I could use it.  Know I'm not getting it by means of my sparkling personality.

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Alright, I've checked up on everyone in this topic.  If you don't have a wall post from me, blame the combination of my terrible connection, terrible browser and site traffic.

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I broke into overflow a little while ago.

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Might as well try.
EDIT: 10 Quests are done.  Onwards towards the dream!