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Cool Baby? Maybe some P4 Endurance Run stuff as well. Like "Get Bent" and "Creepy Raper Guy?"

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My laptop was overheating and shutting down frequently a few months ago. I took a vacuum with the hose attachment and sucked dust and crap out of the fan vent holes and I haven't had the problem since then. Might be something to try.

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You could try checking out some of the lists that he made over on his profile page. That's where I'd start anyway. Maybe you'll recognize a title or two.

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I always thought that this problem was specific to Deadly Premonition.

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I can't claim responsibility for this, but my roommate named a frost-enchanted bow "Bow of Chilly."

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Mega Man 2 is my favorite console game of all time. A lot of that is nostalgia, but I pop it in every month or so and play through it and it is still great. Also, I was always a fan of the old Sierra Online adventure games, but Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist is easily my favorite. I'm a big fan of Space Quest IV and Gabriel Knight as well.

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I got this laptop with 64-bit Windows 7 a while back and it wouldn't run Gemini Rue for whatever reason. I'd like to pick this up, but I'm afraid that I would have the same problem. It looks great though. I prefer my adventure games in 320 x 240 resolution.

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That was a great list. I haven't played a lot of those games, and I've never even heard of Team Buddies, but it's nice to see a list like this that isn't just Shadow of the Colossus, Resident Evil 4 and other obvious titles like that. Super Mario Sunshine is a nice inclusion as that game is severely underrated. Also, Mega Man 2 is my favorite game of all time.

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I feel as though I should take this opportunity to mention that Old Man Murray is the greatest PC gaming website ever made and this is the greatest review of a game that has ever been written.

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@Commisar123 said:

Saint's Row the Third, Deadly Premonition (both intentional and not), Persona 4 and 3 have pretty hilarious moments though they aren't comedic games, Portal 1 and 2, Rock of Ages, and Magicka. I actually thought Magicka was hilarious and deserved more credit than it got

Deadly Premonition is great and the shooting is so broken, it's debatable as to whether or not it could be considered one. Also, Magicka and all of its DLC is only $6.24 on Steam for the next nine and a half hours! It's a steal!