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Leisure Suit Larry 7 had a character named Xqwzts. There were many jokes regarding the fact that his name is unpronounceable. I also thought that Lester Knight Chaykin was a cool name. It seems like most of you have already mentioned the best ones.

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Regarding the Origin thing, I had a friend who purchased Battlefield 3 only to find that it ran pretty poorly on his laptop. He emailed the Origin support people and had no problem getting his money back. This was when the service first launched so they might have been in full-on customer support/make everyone happy mode, but I thought it might be worth mentioning.

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@Winternet: Not really. However, Maddox is wearing a crown in his Wikipedia photo so you might not be too far off.

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I think that all of these websites probably took a lot of money to maintain and they just weren't making it with the memberships and the minimal advertisements that they had. Giant Bomb and Comic Vine were sold off to the big corporation because they had the largest userbases, and the other websites were sold off to another company (Super excited for Tested, not sure if Screened will be around that much longer, Anime Vice...) so that they could milk them for something or other.

I actually think that this will be a good thing for Giant Bomb. There will probably be a lot of advertisements on here once they do their redesign, but I'm completely fine with that. As long as they can continue doing what they are doing, it's all okay.

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@Winternet: Are you talking about me, Castro, or Maddox? I honestly don't know.

Also, Maddox was here in Seattle recently for a book signing. I'm assuming that he wouldn't be doing book signings on a schedule if he had stolen a lot of money. Also, I'm kinda curious about this money stealing story.

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But SeriouslyNow, isn't the writing the exact same?

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I'm going to assume that a good portion of you are familiar with Maddox. He runs a website called The Best Page In The Universe and it's been going for a while. Not updated that frequently, but it's awesome. There is also a website called It is also awesome. Been around for a long time. If you are unfamiliar with them, you should read everything on each of them right now, otherwise, this will mean nothing.

So, Maddox posted a new article called "Anyone Who Doesn't Like Onions Is An Idiot". He has posted many articles in the past, but none of them struck me as much as this one. This is because I remembered the "Pump Up" sections of the Real Ultimate Power website. Basically, these are movie scripts for fictitious ninja movies that he came up with. Here is one that you can use for reference.

Reading that onion article, I thought that it sounded pretty much exactly like one of the "scripts" from the Real Ultimate Power website. I just think it would be crazy if the Real Ultimate Power Website and Maddox, two internet staples from way back, were created by the same guy. If you think I'm crazy, that's fine too. At least I'm introducing you to fine content on the internet that isn't Giant Bomb.

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@Funkydupe: Holy shit. I didn't even think of that. I'm pretty sure that Gamespot is doing pretty well right now, but this would bring quite a bit of legitimacy back to the website for those of us in the know. Also, I'm going to go out on a limb and naturally assume that a lot of the Whiskey Media memberships were sold specifically because of Giant Bomb. That money went to fund all of the websites. I'm assuming that they could still continue to offer something like that. Maybe they could make it cheaper or something. It's late and I'm getting into paranoia mode.

Yes, I am totally okay with everything that I have learned today. I think that it sounds great and I'm really happy to have Alex as a Giant Bomb member. I guess Dave is a member of the crew too? Awesome! Really curious about Rorie. They should probably get him back as well. I guess he will have something to say later today. I would say that I am a little less than extremely happy.

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CBSi wouldn't have purchased Giant Bomb if they didn't feel as though they could monetize it somehow. That is why they only purchased the two Whiskey Media websites with the most traffic. I think that there will be, at some point, a great deal of advertisements on this website. I know most people freak out over it, but I'm totally cool with a 15 second advertisement before I watch a thirty minute long quick look. That is completely fine. It will come to it at some point. With this acquisition, Giant Bomb's parent company will want to see a return on their investment. There will be advertisements. Lots of them. We still get the content though. Probably more content. I think it's fine.

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I'm pretty excited about the whole thing myself. I found out about this about five minutes before I had to leave for work this morning. The whole day I was all "WTF?" in my head until I was able to return to my house to get the whole picture. It sounds like a pretty sweet deal. I kinda stopped going to Gamespot after Jeff got canned and all the cool people left. I tried listening to the podcast a few times, and they were trying really hard, but it wasn't the same at all.

When I got home, I spent a few hours watching all the various videos (Holy shit, Tested!) and reading up on other peoples' reactions and it is very exciting. I've been a big fan of John Davison since the 1up Yours/1up Show days, so it will be nice to have him on the podcast every once in a while. The virtual set is going to be awesome as well. More resources for stupid shit will serve Giant Bomb well. Where the site will be five years from now is anyone's guess, so I selected "B" in the poll. The thing I'm most worried about is the forums here. The vast majority of the people here are awesome, but I'm afraid that there will be a huge influx of dumbasses. They will probably be dealt with as they always have so it shouldn't be an issue.