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For me, Mega Man 2 has the best soundtrack of all time. Actraiser was great as well. That was my first experience with Yuzo Koshiro. I think that Contra has great music. I particularly like the Snow Field level. Can't really think of anything else that particularly sticks out. Castlevania is great. I really liked Duck Tales' music. There is probably better music, but it probably came from a game that I never played. All of Mega Man 2's music is great though, so that gets my vote.

EDIT: I also really liked the elevator-musicy vibe of Pilotwings' music. F-Zero had great music as well. I should also mention that I had a Super Nintendo back in the day so I don't know too much about the Genesis games' music. It is likely that there was better music on that platform than what I mentioned above.

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Yeah, I think it was some early PC Golf game. What was awesome was that it came through the PC speaker, no Sound Blaster back in those days.

Yep, this might be the same for me too.

Yeah that was mine too. "It looks like it hit the tree, Jim" has been burned into my memory, a stupidly obvious comment i will never forget.

I never owned any of the Konami NES sports games, but I played Blades of Steel and Double Dribble at friends' houses. I think I might have been impressed by those a bit, but I was eight years old or something so I don't recall. That "It looks like it hit the tree, Jim" is burned into my head as well. I have roommates that play Tiger Woods games currently and I will say that whenever they hit a tree.

The first time my mind was ever blown by voice in a game was when I was at the Dillard's department store and I saw Ys Book 1 and 2 playing on the Turbografx 16 with the CD-ROM add-on. I think my mind might have been blown when I saw the CD-I at a department store as well, but I was young and stupid.

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I would also highly recommend the Overblood Super Replay over at Game Informer. Their Replays and Super Replays are usually anywhere from pretty to very entertaining. Dan Ryckert is amazing. I enjoyed the Half-Life Super Replay a lot as well. Just watch them all.

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Pretty much the only time I ever post on here is when I'm drunk. Also, World of Warcraft is most entertaining when inebriated. Warioware is good too.

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Peter Molyneux's Balls.

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Cool Baby? Maybe some P4 Endurance Run stuff as well. Like "Get Bent" and "Creepy Raper Guy?"

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My laptop was overheating and shutting down frequently a few months ago. I took a vacuum with the hose attachment and sucked dust and crap out of the fan vent holes and I haven't had the problem since then. Might be something to try.

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You could try checking out some of the lists that he made over on his profile page. That's where I'd start anyway. Maybe you'll recognize a title or two.

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I always thought that this problem was specific to Deadly Premonition.