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1. I don't associate with people like that so it is not an issue.

2. My grandmother on my mother's side would say that a lot, but she was a racist, homophobic bitch so I never took her seriously anyway. I haven't seen her since I was about fourteen years old and she is dead now so it is not an issue. My grandmother on my father's side was awesome, but I never got to talk to her that much. I doubt that she would have had much of a problem with video games.

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When I was younger, I had "Transformers the Movie" on VHS and I probably watched it over a hundred times. Can't confirm that though. I do know for a fact that I have seen "The Room" over 100 times. It still gets better with each viewing.

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So he knocked points off in the review because he's not that great at the game, fails sections, and has to do them again?

So in his opinion, Super Meat Boy must be the worst game of all time, right? Same with Dark Souls?

Super Meat Boy is built around finishing levels without dying, as quickly as possible. They're gruesomely hard. But the game wants you to die, because that's the type of game it is. Uncharted 3 attempts to be a cinematic experience, and if you die (which will happen, because you shouldn't have to be a 1337-hardcore-gamer to play U3) you're taken out of that cinematic experience. Thus, what the game sets out to be is somewhat disturbed (if that's the right word) by the way you play it. Super Meat Boy, not the case.

But again: an 8 out of 10 is a great score. And it's not like anyone with a PS3 isn't going to buy this game this year. ;)

I haven't read the review yet as it is too long and I am lazy. Patrick's article was great though. (First we had Alex's great article about Harmonix and now this. This website is fucking phenomenal.) I don't know if this has been touched on yet as I have not yet read through all the comments, but I am reminded of Ryan's review of Mirror's Edge. When playing that game and doing all of the parkour tricks and whatnot, it kills the momentum when you fail a jump or otherwise cock up. It is certainly a valid concern and I guess I should start reading Eurogamer more frequently.

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This is the best video game news that I've heard all year. If this works out well, maybe I'll finally get the Freddy Pharkas sequel that I've been waiting almost twenty years for.

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I prefer contacts myself. I get hit on a lot more with glasses, but they can be a pain a good majority of the time as I live in Seattle and it rains from time to time. Also, has anyone tried the hard contact lenses? Those are the worst.

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I never played it and I'm not sure how long it was so I don't know if it would be considered an "Endurance" run, but Shadows of the Damned could use the exposure and people seem to like it a lot. Personally, I'd prefer to see a really horrible game or another crazy JRPG. Someone else mentioned FMV games. I'd go for an Endurance Run of Phantasmagoria or something similar. The commentary would be fantastic.

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I was always a big fan of Tango and Cash. That's mostly because of Kurt Russell though.

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I'm not going to PAX because I didn't get tickets. I know about thirty people that will be there and I posted a thing on Facebook asking them for their codes. I should probably be able to help you out maybe.

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I don't know if this has been mentioned yet as I haven't had the opportunity to read through all the comments, but most websites that are reporting this are stating that Bethesda is the one responsible for this. I think its pretty awesome how Patrick pointed out that it was ZeniMax, not Bethesda, that was responsible. That is all.

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Takashi Miike is easily my favorite director so this is just about the most exciting goddamn thing I can imagine. Anyone that doesn't know Takashi Miike should watch Visitor Q or Happiness of the Katakuris. Also, Dead or Alive has the best beginning and ending of any movie I have ever seen.