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LordAndrew said:
GameSpot's review is actually in the list twice! CNET's video game reviews are just reprints of GameSpot's reviews. In fact ... [more]
I don't like to be a douchebag, at all, but I'm about 25 minutes into this podcast and these guys are fucking idiots. What the hell is going on? Seriously, people, if you thought the BOB QL was bad, listen to this podcast.
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TheKidNixon said:
Interesting little editorial/feature piece. And yes, from that Quick Look y'all posted, this game is a complete and utter affront ... [more]
This. BOB is the polar opposite of everything that the original LSL stood for.
LordAndrew said:
GameSpot's review is actually in the list twice! CNET's video game reviews are just reprints of GameSpot's reviews. In fact ... [more]
Thank you! This is awesome! Kinda. I hadn't listened to the HotSpot in ages. I'm currently listening to the 4/21/09 podcast and it's really bad. Really bad. Seriously, someone is complaining about how they don't like the DS? Who doesn't like the DS? Why would anyone dislike the DS? This is stupidity. When does the Al Lowe part start?
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I second the Duke Nukem documentary idea. They would have to make it (at least) a trilogy though.

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I hope that someone else purchases the rights to Duke Nukem and releases Duke Nukem 5. It would be kinda like the Leisure Suit Larry games where there never was a fourth one. The haters will be happy that Duke Nukem Forever never came out and all the Duke Nukem fans can get their fix. I'm in the latter camp and I'm kinda upset about this whole turn of events.

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I never had Legos when I was a kid (except when I would get them out of Happy Meals), but I DID have other construction kit type stuff like Erector sets, Construx, Legions of Power and Robotix. Robotix and Legions of Power were the best.

I also had He-Man, Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Transformers and M.A.S.K. stuff. For some reason, I used to bury my Star Wars figures in the back yard. I lost a good number of them that way. My father eventually gave all of that stuff to my cousins when I discovered video games. It's likely that it would be worth a mint now so I'm fairly bitter.

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I'm going to go ahead and second Sins of a Solar Empire. That game is rad. If you haven't gotten it yet, you should get The Orange Box as well. What else?... I think the last game I played on the PC was Fallout 3. Stellar. Play it if you haven't already. World of Warcraft is also good.

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Thanks a lot. I went ahead and registered and voted for Destructoid and now I'm going to be here all night voting on the other stuff.

Also, it seemed like a kinda random list of nominees for best game-related website.

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I was a big fan of both Jet Grind Radio and Virtua Tennis. Also, NFL2K was the only football game that I ever liked. We used to play that into the ground. There was also Demolition Racer. That game got a ton of play. Skies of Arcadia is rad too. I could go on and on...

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You should still do number eight because that would be hilarious. Seeing you fire yourself would be awesome. Also, you could have probably gotten Destructoid in on number five which would have been rad.

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Hey! That was the Kingdome early on in that clip!

Glad to see that you're still sticking to your guns.

Screw that game! More Bad Bad Bathouse!!!!!