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@Forcen said:
" What about Episode Three Valve? "
What about it? Valve is hiring another team to work on the DoTA game (meaning no additional resources taken away from HL2 EP 3 development).
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@ryanwho said:
" I really don't know why they thought this would help the game, porting it to a less popular console. The reality is the GTA people want to play isn't overhead and doesn't take place in Chinatown. "
I think it has been proven that more mature games don't too as well on Nintendo systems (see sales for just about any mature rated Nintendo game). There may be fewer PSPs than DS handhelds, but I'm sure there's a bigger market for these games on the PSP.
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@animateria said:
" Seems a bit backward if you consider the other PSP GTAs being in proper 3rd person. "
Well if you consider the fact that the game was designed for the DS it starts to make sense.
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@Hockeymask27 said:
" @Metal_Gear_Sunny said:
" Is there anything you just hate doing, but you do it anyway?   For me it would be doing school work, though I don't mind school, if that makes any sense. "
same here. I guess Because I feel that the teachers spend so much time talking and giving the explanation of the homework just to give it to at the end of class. So after spending all day listening to the teacher talk about then you got to go and physically do it. I wish teachers would just give classwork and then review sheets to do at home for no marks to practice  for tests. "
Yeah I don't see a point in going to many classes that require you to read the text book. I can never keep myself at full attention in class when I'm being taught a summary of what is in the book. Those classes should just have you read the book and go in to take tests or turn in assignments. It's a waste of time imo.
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@Hitchenson said:

" June? Dang, that's some delay. "

Read that last paragraph again. 

"In case you're wondering about the validity of this 6/1 date that GameStop is throwing around, don't take that too seriously. When those guys toss out a release date for a game that's not coming within the next 90 days, it's typically a temporary date... especially when the date they give falls on the first of the month. We'll have to hold tight and see what Sega has to say about the actual date."

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fuck no

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Good now bring over that black Wii bundle over to the US and I'll consider a purchase.

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@sofakingcool said:
" Sony is so pathetic! Forza puts out a real in game video and they're like oh ya well check out this.... we can make a per-rendered video of a car which would be in GT5, If it were actually a god damn game! GT5 is a lie! It's first party so don't you think they could get a DRIVING game (not that long of development cycle on driving games) out on their own console within the first THREE years of its release?   "
How can you expect Polyphony to put out in game footage for GT5 when the game HASN'T EVEN BEEN ANNOUNCED. Forza 3 WILL be out next month, so why would you think that Forza has the gameplay footage, hmmm? By the way Sony has nothing to do with GT5's video, Polyphony does, they make GT5, and I'm willing to bet that they made the video as well. Sony publishes it. If you aren't happy with GT5 not being out yet then GTFO and play Forza 2 or 3 on your 360.
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Student software is only meant to be used for school. If you want to make money off of your software, Microsoft requires that you pay the full price for their software. The whole purpose of MSDN AA is so that students don't have to pay hundreds of dollars of software just to be used for their education. Read the licence agreement when you install or download the software and you will see restrictions telling you that use of the software is limited to your education. They get your money when you get a career that requires use of their software.