Some Chrono Trigger pictures I drew 10 years ago

In honor of the Endurance Run, I figured I would look for these in my closet and post them! Maybe some people would enjoy them. These aren't traced. I printed a few pictures off and drew them by eye. I'm sure you could find the originals on the interwebs somewhere.

Brono himself
Ye Olde English speaking Brog (I don't know what that redish stain is)
Can't think of a subtitle for this one.

Why do developers make games if they are worried about piracy?

Foreword: I do not condone piracy.

Ubisoft has been making the news lately over their use of horrible DRM in their ports of console games. Assassin's Creed and several others have had always on DRM for even the single-player portions of the games. Lose your internet connection for any reason, and your game kicks you out. A developer of a Ubisoft published game recently said that they aren't making a PC version of the game because it won't sell. They assume it is because the game gets pirated, but it is more than likely that it is because they have some of the worst DRM in the world. He later back tracked saying that it was a translation error, but who honestly believes that. Every time an always on DRM, or SECUROM, with its install limits, is used in a PC game, it is basically spitting in the face of anyone that actually buys the game. But this brings me to my main point, if piracy is really the reason why developers and publishers don't make games for the PC, then why do they make games at all.

Gamestop is legal piracy.

The defenders of pirating a game say that, "Downloading a game isn't stealing, because it is not guaranteed that the downloader would have bought the game." or "It isn't stealing, it is copyright infringement." Buying a used game isn't copyright infringement, but it is as close to stealing money from a publish as you can get without actually stealing from them. One game DVD is one sale, but that one game can be sold multiple times through Gamestop all while they are making a profit off of them. More times than I can remember, I have gone to buy a game from Gamestop a week or so after release, and they already have used copies up for $54.99. They would have bought the game back for $25 to $35, so they are making about 50% profit from that game while denying the publisher another sale. I am sure that publisher work with Gamestop. Pre-order bonuses, those stupid DLC season pass things, and what not, but why don't they do the same with PC games but not have the shitty DRM attached to it.

Steam is a form of DRM that a lot of people are perfectly willing to deal with. There are steam haters out there, but I would guess that more people like or tolerate it than hate it. 5 million users online at peak times and 2.3 million online right now. Skyrim has 170,000 people today concurrently, and they had 250,000 playing at the same time on launch day. Steam provides a platform for all the games you own while using it as DRM. Steam sales provide sales of the games that would have no otherwise happened. Publishers work with Gamespot, who actively steals sales from them, but they tack on additional DRM to games that already appear on steam anyway causing people to not want to buy them legitimately.


Skyrim: Gaming Nirvana (lots of spoilers)

Let's get the things about Skyrim that are annoying out of the way first.

  • The UI on the PC could use some work. Everyone says how well it plays with a gamepad, but I bought it for my computer to play with a keyboard and mouse.
  • I was getting unexplained crashes. The game would just close at random with no error messages or anything. It seems to have something to do with the shadows on high and ultra.
  • Performance is less than ideal. I recently upgraded my computer with a GTX 570. I am able to run Crysis: Warhead maxed out. I can run the Witcher 2 maxed out(minus ubersampling) with minimal slow down, but in certain areas of Skyrim it chugs.

All that said, this is the best game I've played this year. Better than any game that came out last year as well, and I love Starcraft 2. Skyrim may be the best game I've ever played. The world is what makes Skyrim great. When you wander the countryside unsure of what you will see next, or who you will encounter, it is a strange feeling in a game. One minute you are stalking an elk with your bow, and the next a fugitive runs up and hands you an item saying he will find you in a few days to get it back. Or a woman comes running up to you yelling for help saying she just escaped from some bandits and she needs directions to the nearest town.

Oh yeah, and dragons. There is nothing like the first time a random dragons swoops down on you from the sky and you engage in an impromptu battle with the flying lizard. Batting a dragon in a whiteout blizzard where you can't see more than 15 feet in front of your character, or fighting one blood dragon has another appears circling over head and you are unsure if he is going to land and join in.

The dungeons that have their own stories that aren't attached to quests. Or a quest you can only find because you stumbled upon a lighthouse where you find a dead body inside with a journal next to it. It starts to weave a tale about how a redguard family moved to Skyrim and live in the lighthouse. About how the family heard scratching from the basement but couldn't find what was causing it. These journals led you to the basement where you find strange creatures and a massive cave system where the story continues. Or a bandit hideout where the bandit's leader got drunk, so the rest of them locked him in a cage and made him fight sabertooth cats. Not to mention the actual scripted quests like the amazing Dark Brotherhood line.

I'm 40 hours in and I have done 5 story quests. I still have 2 towns I haven't even set foot in, and I have quests related to every city in the game still. If a game that was crashing for me at random every few hours can make me forget about that, then to me it is an amazing game. If a game can have buggy AI, you can get stuck in the terrain, but all I want to do is keep playing then it is an amazing game.