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There are fewer than 3,200 tigers remaining in the wild. Tree hugging is nothing to be ashamed of.

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"Extra sugar, extra salt, extra oil, and MSG."

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I've been a Gerstmann fan since the nineties, and the Giant Bomb staff are some of the bestest friends I've never had.

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@westernwizard: I believe the camera zoom is adjustable in the options, although I've never felt the need to mess with it.

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In gameplay terms, Bayonetta 2 is a flawless masterwork that more than lives up to its predecessor, which makes it the correct choice for game of the year. And I'm feelin' like Platinum deserves a tremendous amount o' recognition for the fact that they've thrown in countless costumes, weapons, upgrades, and accessories--all of which can be unlocked just by playing the game. Any other developer on the planet? You'd be looking at retailer-specific pre-order bonuses or some shit like that (e.g. having to pay $1.99 per costume). "Unlockables" are the exception to the rule these days, so I appreciate this kinda integrity.

I do share one complaint with Jason A. Striker, however; the Jaden Smith character is a blight on the game. His ridiculously fake accent brings the whole production down a few notches, and he gets way too much screen time (whereas Jeanne and the rest o' the cast are all relegated to making cameo appearances). If Bayonetta 3 had already been confirmed, I suppose it would be less of a concern.

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It's interesting to note how very few of you mentioned Final Fantasy VII. Not so many years ago, that tended to be the only goddamn answer to this question. The fact that most o' the games mentioned in this thread have come out in the last four years proves that the Bioware doctors were really onto something with their nonstop emphasis on "emotional engagement."

Personally, despite having played many of the games mentioned above, the only time I actually cried was during Mass Effect 3, when FemShep joined Kolyat in prayer. Jennifer Hale is outta this world brilliant, and I pity the 86% of players who played the entire series like Brad Shoemaker did (i.e. "Boy Scout Shepard").

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@fateofnever: There's only one Clooney Batman movie. The previous Schumacher installment starred Val Kilmer. If you're such a huge fan, you oughta realize this.

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Bayonetta 2. I bought a Wii U last week strictly for this reason. I may also pick up Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Can't really think of anything else on this year's horizon.

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