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You can't really make a comparison on the basis of "feeling" unless you're using a silly-ass light gun--consider the Rambo arcade game that Sega released a few years ago, for example. Duck Hunt for the NES would also suffice. Truthfully, however, there is no comparison for shooting a real-life 12 gauge.

By the same token, playing a racing simulation could never remotely "feel" like actual driving (unless perhaps you have the full setup à la Giant Bomb's own Drew Scanlon).

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I'm studying culinary arts in college, and I use a digital thermometer pretty damn often. Chicken that's perfectly cooked to 165° is much, much preferable to your standard overcooked bullshit. Truly makes a world of difference.

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Best advice? Play as Femshep.

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Burt Bacharach.

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Never mind the "hype," Fez is a lot of graph paper (sold separately). And that's the real problem. I don't do homework with my life.

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I prefer "VICTOLY!!" à la Samurai Shodown.

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At this point, I just don't see how anyone should consider Star Wars to be a "dream" project. As if zombies weren't enough of a cliché? And if I ever hear that John Williams bullshit again, I may stormtroop my head against the wall.

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I've never drank coffee; unfortunately, caffeinated beverages have no effect on me whatsoever (and that includes energy drinks). In the early days of Giant Bomb, Jeff inspired me to order a case of Brawndo. I drank the whole goddamn case. No effect!