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"Linkle," huh? Why not take it a step further? Why not T. Linklesaur Muncharupees?

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Doesn't matter what the press release might say; it'll be a timed exclusive, just like ninety-nine percent o' the time.

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As much as I enjoyed today's video, Metal Gear Solid does not lend itself to the Endurance Run format. You can't sit there chattin' through the entire length of the goddamn game and expect to get anything outta the story. Drew should just try playing the original MGS on his own time. They could talk about that on the Bombcast instead of their weekly eSports update.

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@zigx: Tails was never "without" his full name. The name Miles Prower appears in the intro to Sonic the Hedgehog 2, which was Tails' first appearance.

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@rebel_scum: He has a cameo in the feature film. And if you haven't seen the film, you absolutely haven't "watched all of Twin Peaks."

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PS3 (Americas):



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Again, the current series is NOT a "reboot."

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Anyone else care to vote for the PlayStation Move? Useless piece o' crap.