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Tracklist where?

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@REDRUN said:
" damn easy? I still have a hard time typing with an A accurracy.
Oh god, I want TotD2 localized NAO!
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@ahriman22 said:
" What's the difference between EVGA GTX 260 and ATI Radeon HD 4650 1gb pci-express x16?Was wondering which I should pick.EDIT: I'm thinking of getting 2 4650s and running them in crossfire (1GB per card), my motherboard is an Asus P6T Intel X58 Chipset. "
Dual card solutions should be avoided like the plague. They only raise heat, noise, and power requirements for the *possibility* (not all games can take advantage of more than one card) of about 1.6x the performance of one card. Just get the GTX 260.
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I hate how every game puts its save files in a different location, you'd think there would be a standard by now but noooooooooo I have to dig through every folder on my computer to round them all up.

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I can't get past the first stage thanks to my red/green color blindness. Otherwise I'm sure I would really love this game. Too bad there isn't a color blind mode :P

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Choose two.

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addictedtopinescent said:
"I hope it comes to PC, it probably will, cause that's my platform, but I won't even bother if they just port like RE4"
That was Ubisoft.
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eclipsesis said:
"hasn't every resident evil been on pc?"
CVX, 0, Outbreak, Survivor, etc. didn't.
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PapaLazarou said:
"Dead Rising is one of them mediocre games that gets one of them cult followings on forums and for some reason everyone remembers it to be much better than it was. However when it came out I remember everyone complaining about how the save system ruins it and the bad storyline and how it follows a time limit. So no I don't want it on the PC but I want the much hopefully improved Dead Rising 2 or even better a Left 4 Dead Single player game from Valve which is as epic as HL2."

Oh boy, I don't have the time to dissect this load of crap but any sane person would stop reading after "Dead Rising" and "mediocre" appeared in the same sentence.
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PufferFiz said:
Oh god I loled.
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