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Best of luck going forward, Patrick. You've brought so much insightful and interesting content to the site and it shall be missed. That and your writeup's have always been the most heartfelt ones on the site, it really does seem you got to focus to do your own thing and it shows. Big love and keep on keepin' on!

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You've a way with words, Patrick, and the way you share about these feelings is heartfelt. Thank you, we're here with you.

Ironically, despite the glee and warmth of the summer, I've come to associate it with loss of a loved one as well. Celebration of midsummer is an important, and normally cheerful, family holiday for us here, but three years ago on the eve of summer solstice my gramps passed away, making it a bittersweet occasion for me. Still, I've come to realize that we should rejoice for the good times we had together in remembrance and smile on, as I'm sure that's what they would most like us to do. I don't want to remember the half asleep body my gramps was during his last days, I will remember him giving me a hearty smile and thumbs up the last time I visited him while he was conscious.

My sympathies to you, whole GB crew, and everyone who has lost someone they truly care about.

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Dead Island: Riptide.

It's not like I expected to play it for the story, and the disembovellically entertaining melee combat system was still there. Frankly, I found it to be my favorite game to play while listening to a podcast on the background of 2013.

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That Chinese Room interview left a bad taste in my mouth. I mostly loved Machine for Pigs, it's build up of atmosphere in the start was excellent, it was then only towards the end when it kinda bellyflopped (coughtechnopigcough). The devs come off really sitting up on their high horse, with such derision in their tone when speaking of the use of jump scares and FPS players.

It's important to stick to your guns when doing creative work, but it's also important to respond to criticism with a level head. That said, I am not looking forward to their next release.

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You missed the point of the article completely, I take it you must be new the to site. Patrick has clearly stated that he does not try to compete with the publishing speed of every little happening that goes on in the industry with news delivery sites, but rather keep up with the style GB was founded on, personality driven commentary on the industry.

If you want newest news, read kotaku or r/games, but don't complain about it when Klepek writes an positive editorial, seriously. GB crew are part of a minority of this snark-ridden games journalism culture, who focus on games themselves with optimistic outlook.

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Love and understanding, crew. You take your time, we'll be here with ya.

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@akyho: I'm there with ya, friend. Been kinda sheepishly mentioning to friends today about why I might be feeling blue. Hell, even my mom. She actually remembered me mentioning my favorite podcast.

But we gotta remember in the sadness that the reason it hurts so bad is because Ryan made us smile and laugh so much. I think that a just a tiny part of every laugh and smile from the past 4 years, I have Ryan to thank for. And that's a good thing! Those positive things keep us going onwards! So, to quote Borderlands 2: "Let's not be sad that he's gone, but be happy that he was".

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The massive outpour from the community has certainly helped, but I gotta admit I feel a bit, if not ashamed just silly, when explaining my cause of grief. But hell, I do feel bad and that something of significance is gone from my life. Breaks my heart it's no more "Hey everybody, it's tuesday" :(

But the best I could explain it, I started feeling there's all reasons to feel bad, and no shame in it. Hell, for over 4 years bombcast has been a constant part of my week, if I had a shittier week, I knew I had at least something fun to look forward to. And though I didn't personally know him, that long time is enough to get attached and to let it go feel painful. Especially when the whole thing is such a tragedy, so young and on his honeymoon. Focusing on that makes me realise that I cannot even fathom the pain his widow must feel, or not even what the bombcrew does.

Last bit said, us longtime fans should be supportive to the guys now, they're going thru hell trying to hide the pain but still do their job.

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Beautifully written, I'm sure this summarizes many of long time GBers feelings right now. RIP Ryan, we miss you already.

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I'm devout to Logitech G700.

I prefer Logitech for the 3 year guarantee, I last time paid for a mouse 2009. Gave in my G700 last week and a got a brand spanking new one.

G700 because it's got plenty of buttons and it's a convertible: The cord connects via mini-USB to the front, so it's your choice of cord or cordless.