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I've really been getting in to cooking and baking, which I find to be pretty fun -- particularly since cooking is not only a good hobby, but a life skill. I also read a lot of manga, play the piano, spend more time than I probably should looking for new music to listen to, and I watch a lot of TV series. I've been thinking about learning to knit because I know that once I get good, I can do it while I watch stuff, but I'm not sure it's something I want to get in to.

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@phatmac: Thanks! I'm actually thinking about playing Awakening on harder difficulties, so I think it might be an important part of 2014 for me as well. I haven't been listening to it regularly, but when I went back to it to choose a track for this post, I found myself wondering why I wasn't.

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Chat is also telling me that I'm not logged in. Not sure what's up with that.

Joel McHale looks like he wants to be just about anywhere else. It's honestly making me uncomfortable -- I want to mute the stream every time he speaks.

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  • This American Life
  • NPR's All Songs Considered
  • Welcome to Night Vale
  • A Life Well Wasted (please make more episodes, Robert Ashley)
  • Radiolab
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Thanks for sending me on an emotional roller coaster, Atlus. Good times <3

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I kind've stopped watching -- any sign of the female Persona 3 protagonist?

Edit: probably not, nvm.

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Exactly what I did not want D:

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I don't get it D: