Game of the Year 2013

I will be writing a blog post with commentary and some picks outside my top 5 list, but I wanted to post this to add to the Giant Bomb community game of the year. Will link to the blog in this description later. Also, I keep changing my mind about my list and I just want to lock it down so I can't do that anymore.

Accompanying blog is posted here:

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Posted by Xeiphyer

Woo Fire Emblem! No love for Link Between Worlds?! :( </3

Edited by Cathryn

@xeiphyer: I was going to explain this in my blog ;D Unfortunately, I didn't have time to play it. The last few weeks have been pretty hectic and I haven't had the time or energy to pick up something big, even if it is on the short side for a Zelda title. I have time to start it now, but not to finish it by the end of the year and I don't put anything on my numbered list that I haven't finished. I debated what to do about this quite a lot and just decided to play it later. I like the list I have -- it was hard for me to make it and I had to make some tough decisions. If I wind up really liking it when I do play it, I always pick an old game of the year, so it has a chance of being recognized for that.

Edited by AdzPearson

I really want to play Fire Emblem. Unfortunately, it's still the only game I'm interested in for the 3DS, so it probably won't happen any time soon. Ignoring Nintendo's first-party stuff (which I'm not really interested in), there's not much else.

Edited by Cathryn

@adzpearson: I feel like there is a lot coming for the 3DS that makes it a worthwhile purchase, but I guess it's all down to opinion. Next year, Bravely Default is coming, Persona Q (which will hopefully eventually make its way out of Japan), Layton vs. Ace Attorney, and a few others I think are worth checking out. I also think that SMT: IV is pretty decent, and I loved Style Savvy. The 3DS has been a good system for me so far. And Fire Emblem is badass.

Posted by Nev

Glad to see more love toward Fire Emblem! Very nice list. :) You not care for SMTIV?

Posted by Cathryn

@nev: Thanks! Yeah, Fire Emblem was pretty amazing. I played it twice in a pretty short span of time which is rare for me. I liked SMT IV, but it just made me realize that the main SMT series is not really for me. I felt like navigating the dungeons and the maps were pretty awkward and I'm just not all that in to the demon negotiation mechanics. I dropped it after about 12 hours and just couldn't get back in to it. I may try it again at some point, but I think I just really prefer SMT side series like Digital Devil Saga, Devil Survivor, and Persona.

Posted by AdzPearson

@cathryn Oh yeah, forgot about Bravely Default. Heard good things about that. Persona Q could be interesting, too. I don't rule out the possibility of me getting a 3DS, but it'll probably be a while before I do. At least they're coming down in price now.

Edited by Humanity

All this talk about Fire Emblem is making me antsy but I can't buy a handheld just for one game, that I'll play at home anyway.