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Shit! I am so sorry to everyone doing the 1:00pm GMT raid. Just spent the day at the hospital, which is not my idea of a good halloween (though some of the staff was dressed up). Will hop on now to see if anyone is still going.

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@decibel: yes, houseofleaves13 is correct, I just double checked on my PSN account. Also, thank you for adding me.

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PSN ID: houseofleaves13

Level/Class: 27/Hunter

Experience Level: New to raid, watched run on GB but didn't retain much of it

Preferred time slot/Date: Friday (10/31/14) 1:00am (Sat) GMT, Saturday (11/01/14) 9:00am GMT

Perferred raid level (Hard/Normal) Normal

Notes Have a mic somewhere, should be able to find it by tomorrow evening. Live on East Coast, so -4 GMT I think

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Has anyone experienced a noticeable amount of input lag playing on the ps3?

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@laika: is there any estimate on when the shenanigans will be starting?

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If it has the analog combat from the first game in it, I'll definitely pick it up. If not, I have no interest in this game at all.

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Here are two more PS4 (Americas) codes if anyone wants them:



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I graduated HS in 1996 and just started going to college this past fall. It was terrifying the first day back, but I've found the experience completely rewarding. Being 36, working a full-time job, and going to school full-time can be exhausting. Somehow I managed to get a 3.833 gpa the first semester, and if I can do that, anyone can.

Also, in regards to math, I took a remedial class the first semester and it was a great refresher for everything I forgot over the past years.

Good luck, and don't give up.

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@brendan: For me, looking up or down with just my eyes is only useful for slight sight adjustments. Since I am often wearing glasses, looking at anything near the ground or above my head with just eye movement would leave me looking below or above my glasses, and quite blind to (or at least with a very fuzzy image of) what I am trying to look at. I wonder how many inverters are people that usually wear glasses?

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1. Killer 7

2. Nier

3. Papers, Please