Cat's thoughts on Might and Magic and El Shaddai Demo's

So I just finished up the El Shaddai demo and I gotta say I loved the art style and direction they took, everything is artsy and lovely to look at as it is to listen too. The only downside I can see is the one button combat it has going on but I'm sure it's something you can get used too and master in time. I'm very interested in the story and how Enoch and Lucifel will react toward one another. So far Lucifel seems to come in and inject himself into where there is a boss fight and give some valuable or possibly sarcastic information regarding whom your about to fight. But I don't know Japanese... so XP

Guard button guards and you jump nice and high though the check points for certain area's can be just a smidge unforgiving it's just a small issue. I liked the way Enoch moved and you can easily just jump out of the way of being attacked (at least by guess with the funky bow sword, the shooters are VERY annoying and I can tell they will tick me off as time goes by. But again, small issue.

Over all I liked the game but I'm unsure if this will be a day 1 for me.

Mighty and magicy

Might and Magic: Clash of hero's was one of those games which i didn't see the quicklook for, I was browsing Ps3 trophies and spotted something new and check it out, seen it had neat sounding trophies and that it was a possible srpg, more searching found that it was something I missed on the DS so I had to download it just to see what was up. I'm really glad I did.

 Making strong walls and strong linked attacks can be a lifesaver.
M&M:CoH while I'm not too interested in the story (may change over time..) I found the art to be... lackluster..Western Anime has always left a bad taste in my mouth, mostly because it usually just looks really ugly. So this games art by mean of character's look like poop. My sister made the comment that the elven girls father looked like zelda when he was dead... it's true.. But the area, the tree's and so on look fantastic and i do like the demons XD Anyway..

Best thing to be said about this game is the actual 'game' part of it, from getting additional party companions (pixies to awesome fucking deer and bears) to just the normal
 Maybe i'm picky.. but I think they are ugly character portraits.
archers and see what does what. Alinging characters side by side matching 3-4 will make you a wall, while aligning up and down three units will make an attack force. Later your able to then take three units of the same color, the add three more which bumps up the attacking unit's to another level of damage dealing. The same for your walls that can be upgraded to 2.

Your deer you take two unit's of it's color and power it up to super sayin and if it remains untouched for 3 turns it unleashes hell. I gotta say those deer have saved my ass more than a few times and not once did a lose a match ^^. The only confusion i had at first was that I could only move the bottom characters.. but getting rid of a unit can be done anywhere. With that little but of confusion out of the way it made room for a lot of fun with building walls out of your units to making an attack force or boosting up your deer to mess some stuff up. it's rather addicting and I eventually reached the last boss, beat it and it was over.. I was bummed.

I can honestly say I had a LOT of fun with this and looking forward to picking it up and playing... after i finish Dragon age 2... I'll write a blog about that later.. I just.. need...more...time!

Last play through of 999 *spoilers* / Atelier Rorona Finished

Well I'm getting shit done ain't I?
I'll start with Rorona cause my thoughts are short and sweet.
Atelier Rorona: Alchemist of Arland
was a game that was pretty much a slice of life type of thing. Most of the time your relaxing as you gather items and try to keep your shop from being closed The game isn't really demanding at first so you can sit back and fool around as time ticks by. But as it begins to draw to a close you find yourself between a rock in a hard place if you honestly just went with the flow and didn't take time to level or get better skills alchemy wise..
It's not a hard game, but I enjoyed it and the ride I had. Being spurred to finish by PixelPrinny kinda helped get my ass in gear to get this one finished. I look forward to playing it again to attempt some of the endings I didn't get (mostly just character stuff.) But right now I got Dragon Age 2 to get through! XD I'm borrowing it so i gotta do it before I jump into Ar Tonelico 3. Then maybe Back to Rorona..XD So much to do..
If you get the chance to play this you should, it's not that long and it's a fun little ride and I can't wait for Atelier Totori: Alchemist of Arland 2 to hit the shelves, i'll get it in a heart beat. But can anyone tell me if you get to see more of Tristen (tantris) in that one? I need some Tantris in my life! 

 Zero never looked so innocent.

Okay time for 999. 
I finally met the true end...
Just... wow..
Funny thing is I made a guess half jokingly at my sister: "Just watch it be June"
Santa and June being sister and brother shocked me, they look nothing alike, I guess that also ties into how Clover and Snake look nothing alike as well, oh anime type games and your funky hair colors. Speaking of, their reunion, it touched me, yeah I'm a big baby I gave a few tears for it, get off my back XP XD. When Santa grabbed June and proposed his demands I nearly dropped my DS and screamed out "WHY!? WHY I LIKE YOU WHY?" thankfully it was just all according to cosmic plan to revive past June so future June could live and become Zero and things go in a firm circle.. 
Everything suddenly made sense on why she was suddenly be burning up and how caring Santa was towards her.
And Ace didn't die this time.. hell no one significant died in any case XD
To see the past and present come together how it did gave me chills, it was put together excellently and the way the incinerator ticked down gave a sense of urgency, you NEEDED to complete this puzzle, you NEEDED to save June, you have to do this and that just felt great. 
The conclusion was wonderfully sweet for Santa and June, Santa Clause had really made a miracle right there.
Oh and finding out there weren't on a fucking ship...  that about killed me.
Though they seemed to leave it all open ended you can be sure Junpei went to see June chasing after she and Santa as they crossed the Nevada desert with everyone crammed in the car and Clover at the wheel.. I think all in all it was good closure for me XD Nice touches with Ace getting taped and untapped for questions too XD
All in all I liked it and I really enjoyed the game. I wish there were more like it.

Fourth Playthrough of 999 *spoilers*



Just... Let me take a second..
I started.. at about 9:30am  and finished at 12:00am (midnight) staring at my DS with tears in my eyes like a little bitch cause this one pulled at my damn heartstrings. THIS is why I love games that just take chances.. it's like an awesome fucking anime that I never want to end. This is why I like when protagonists die... shit get's real.
So, I've been putting off this playthrough for a bit, but after a hard push from PixelPrinny I jumped back in head first.
Things I learned this time around.. I learned a lot!
Firstly, Snake has a fake arm on his left, the same one with the watch on it from an accident that happen when he was younger that also cost him his sight. Next, Clover and he are sister and brother (seems to make that more clear though it had casted doubts previously.) Next that body found was NOT Snakes.. (this one I would like to be more clear WHO is guy X) And that Ace is a bastard.
I'm not going to sit here and say every detail, I already have to do that with my sister and a friend of mine and my hand is cramping XD But I will say I did expect Snake to be int hat coffin, as soon as I knew that body wasn't his and the banging inside, it had to be him. But what I did not expect was for him to die and take out Ace with him for Clover.. we JUST got him back and he is killed this time by his own hand, but at least he got to chose his end.
 Apparently Zero is watching, an I still think Zero is one of the 9, more more thinking Zero is Santa. I thought MAYBE Ace or Snake, but with them gone that's who I look too. June's mysterious illness rears it's head again but this time Santa is caring for her, whom is missing when she is found in the Chapel, he's either Zero or he got gassed by Zero also. The game and Junpei has said several times that He's a lot smarter than he let's on..
Knowing about his sister being dead and the incident happen 9 years ago seems to be a clue, maybe he's out for revenge for her.
Everyone seems to be 'related' to one another in what happen incident wise 9 years ago. Except for now Junpei (maybe) June.. everyone else seems rather connected with an incident that happen with them 9 years ago.
I know the game was played and Snake and Ace and the 9th man were involved. I know lotus two girls were involved, i know Seven was involved cause he was a cop investigating. I know Santa's sister was killed 9 years ago. But Junpei and June I know nothing.. it's VERY likely June is involved and it's why she's sick now..
UGH SO MANY QUESTIONS I HAVE AND ONE MORE ENDING WILL HELP ME... and that is the TRUE end (no need to get coffin end if you get safe..XP)
Well.. here we go again..

I finally Finished Enslaved.


PS3 - Front

I think I have what is know as "Refusing to end sydrome" where I get close to the end of a game and kinda quit.
I was three chapters from the end ages ago and I should have just continued but.. i got the inkling that the end was coming so I quit, i guess I never want things to end. I did that with Okage: The shadow King and persona 3 not to mention nameless amounts of sitting at the elite four in pokemon and refusing to continue XD

I played on Normal.. not sure If I would play again on hard.. but that gold trophy.........i kinda want it.
I do know I would like a sequel, and I hope Ninja Theory can deliver with a little more polished gameplay this time is all I ask for. I know you can do it Ninja Theory! I enjoyed Enslaved and I'm glad I got it and considering how cheap it is now you all have no excuse not to pick it up.
so... do it..XD

Taking the Dive: Elfen Lied 6-13


Okay so i finally finished.. I kinda came out of this wishing for the end..
The last few episodes showed you Khota's past and how his sister never died from a sickness and how his well never happened how he said, in actuality Lucy killed them on the train after feeling lied too about Khota's cousin whom he said was a boy was actually a girl.. But the events left Lucy scarred enough to make her flinch when she sees people with that face that Khota made after she did what she did blah blah blah...
New girl added who's name I didn't pay attention too whom was in a wheelchair with lots of arms and skinny whom only wanted daddies love (like EVERYONE it seems) and he blew up with her, saving...whats her face..
Okay I'd hate to admit when I feel defeated, but I do, I didn't enjoy this anime and I don't wish to watch it again or read the manga to make it more clear. I didn't like this anime, I'm sorry to those who love it but I hated it.. I'm glad it's out of my house XD I gave it back IMMEDIATELY after finishing.. I felt bad for the girls but.. thats not ENOUGH to make me like this anime..
Khota figures out his family was killed by Lucy and refuses to reject her because of his freaky stockholmsyndrom with her and you knew she was going to show back up to make this rag tag family whole again and so his cousin can be a jealous creepy bitch. It wasn't made clear how the dog randomly showed up again after he was taken, i was told it's because nyu/lucey killed her to take it back for myu cause she was so hurt by him being taken.
If I got anything positive out of this experiance I know that If I ever run into one of these ladies they'll kill me and my family but not our pets... somewhat...comforting.
Oh and when those boy's killed that puppy... just like watching that scene in Eva with the killing of that kitten, it scarred me.. THANKS ANIME!


Taking the Dive: Elfen Lied 1-5


Elfen Lied is one of those anime's that you'll love it or hate it.
I'm rather on the fence.
I haven't wanted to watch this anime, but I was kinda pushed into it, strangly not long after having an argument with a Giant bomber whom loved this anime to high heaven and thought of High School of the Dead as trash. And had even made a thread on how the image was innapropriate (half naked girls) and I've just watched five episodes of this cat eared/horned chick with invisa-hands run around naked and demand her breast be grabbed with "Myyuuuu~<3" pleasure.
So yeah.. pot calling kettle black.
Anyway five episodes in and I kinda don't wanna finish, Voice acting is kinda nehhh... or MEWWW~.. XP The characters are interesting.. somewhat. A girl who ran away from sexual abuse, a girl whom is in love with her cousin (WTF...) a guy whom lost his sister and his father and refused to return after so many years and is now in college, his...cousin... was in love with him (got he was a little asshole when he was young) and is now jealous of nyu and myu(sp?) whom are now living with Khota(lead male in a weird kinda harem set up here)
At the best of times you get some great action and some messed up ways to kill people and torture them closely resembling a torture porn anime in a sense. In the worst you get some awkward animation and bad voice acting that rips you out of it.. if that cousin thing didn't already rip you out of things.
Nyu is cute and usually naked, Lucy is a badass and I'd rather watch her through the entirety of the anime than Nyu. I understand people like this anime but I just can't get into it, I plan to try and finish this and see if my thoughts change but in the end I think these types are just not for me.
Is it because of the weird incest? No I've watched incest (and it's usually WINcest) anime before but this one the girl just seems selfish in her desire and thoughts toward Nyu and Myu and wanting Khota for herself. And.. I kinda want her to die..XD
So hell I might keep watching so I can hope she does.. cause I'm not a fan.. XP
Last thoughts, the Opening theme is beautiful, gorgeous representation and it's just really soothing.. after you watch the end theme your like WTF is that doing here and whats wrong with you.. way to pull you out of an anime after something dramatic happens. XP

After you listen to this and then you reach the end of an episode your ears and smacked with this:

  What the fuck right? It would be great for a perky anime but this? Where girls are getting raped and limbs are thrown and everything is just.. I don't know. XP


Taking the Dive: Vampire Knight 1-13

 Okay... so..
This is an anime that I have been steering away from this little thing for.. years I suppose. I guess it was because of how the twilighters freaking out about it and so on, say what you like but most twilighters don't have good taste anime wise (i mean the crazed fans) but, a friend of mine was nice enough to buy this for me cause i finally caved and wanted to watch it and he said he had it (he didn't) and decided to buy it cause he collect's anime.
In any case I got it and this morning about 7:30am with nothing to do i decided to pop the disc in and watch an episode or two and judge, well...
I finished at 2:45pm watching all episodes... WTF happen..
I went in to watch maybe 2 and play a game.. and time went buy as the episodes ended in cliffhangers and I just HAD TO KNOW! I haven't been this much on the edge of my seat since I first watched Fruits basket and needed that next DVD. It's rare.. VERY RARE for me to like shojo anime (and manga) I'm mostly a shonen girl. But where has the time gone, I need to know whats going on, I need to see if Yuki will be with Zero or Kanime(sp?) What's kanime plotting, whats in store for Yuki and will Zero stop being a puss and confess he likes the damn girl! No more longing stares mr.!
I have NEVER blazed through episodes like this since I got my Ouran High school host club box set. (3 times.. 3 times.. by myself, with my sister and with her friends, still not tired of it.) And now i got my sister hooked.. because we HAD TO KNOW.. XD
I'm not saying this anime is perfect, voice acting for yuki is hit or miss for me (the rest is fine) and it's rather cliche' at times but damn, i'm eating it up.. I blame my sex.
Anyway these are my thoughts, the only kinda shojo anime /manga iv'e been into is Ouran/Fruits Basket and now this.
I've already decided in the next con to pick up Vampire Knight guilty to continue my addiction. Cause I hate when I'm left with a:
I'm getting in Black Butler soon... may binge again, who the frick knows...

Finally got bit by my Cuban Knight Anole

Exactly what I said. I was feeding him last night and he's been more keen on being hand fed as of late, that means having the worm in my hand and he'll pick it out of it. Well last night it crawled to my fingers and he must have thought that it was just a fat ass worm cause he comped the inside of my ring finger. Thankfully it was only the tip of his mouth so it was a small bite but nevertheless it bled and hurt like a bitch.

Tiny wound but still first time i've gotten bit and i've had him for about two or more years, so I'm doing pretty good. ^^ Thank god it wasn't my skink o.o...


I finally get it when it's announced for a US release.. thats some shit huh? XD I'M STILL ENJOYING! I doubt I'll play to far in without playing the english version first, but this will help me get ready. All golds so far!

 Gotta class this box up with a gecko.

Third playthrough 999 *spoilers*


 Black Santa.. or White Santa~

I made it through again, though i did a while ago I just never made a blog about it, right now my sister is playing through it. XD I've told her nothing. Anyway...
I found the 9th door finally! Well... two 9 doors.. find out all this bitching and groaning and so on was for naught when you see that there are TWO 9 doors. Zero always intended for everyone to escape but placing that damn gun in that coffin made it seem like he wanted us to kill each other in the process... run lab rats run! But it was nice to see the boy's put up a unified front on not leaving poor June behind and going to find the others...
But low and behold Clover goes missing.. this itself terrified me.. cause this chick locks herself in a room (which I KNOW had that damn axe in it) and poofs.. safe to say I was leery about looking for her. But as I knew it would happen, everyone split up to find her.
Annnddd... seeing a dead Lotus makes me go ARGGGGG NOOOOOO NO NO NO!!! I honestly wish I could have took Junpei and fled but well.. I got stabbed.. and junpei SAW THE PERSON BUT WAS DYING TO FAST ARG... so I never saw them..
only clue I get is: Person who did this had the most to gain by killing lotus and taking her bracelet.
So.. yeah. This is my theory..
XD that's all I got, I've tried others and they don't mesh up.
But still.. what is up with June.. getting feverish again but this time so much so it nixes her out of helping find stuff.. you can't fake a fever I don't think.. And what about Santa's story.. the story of two Santas.. blacka nd the white.. STAB STAB STAB... ACK...
well... i better keep going.