So I finished Corpse party.


 Out of all the characters these four do kinda take center stage. XP
 Out of all the characters these four do kinda take center stage. XP
I'm tired.. just got off work, but imma do this blog anyway!
I have no idea how much time total I put toward this game, i played a little here and a little there and did aim to get most of the name tags and endings. I missed four of the endings, one due to glitch and the others due to lazyness, but fuck, i got 23 out of 27. *shrug* (haven't done any extra endings though)
Corpse party is one of those games where it creeps you the fuck out while being kinda mindless in it's execution. Certain situations where you'd sit and say "no.. don't do that" happen often. Characters fall into the typical horror cliche often and you want to shake them and tell them no. But if your easily able to forgive these faults and the one annoying character every once and a while (you know who you are you crazy bitch ^_~) then this is defiantly worth checking out.
The tone and sound of this game can be down near terrifying, well placed screams and whisper's that migrate headphones are enough to put your hair on end and make you want to take them off, but you won't cause you don't want this little 16 bit game to get the better of you, but damn it does a few times, (at least for me)
Multiple endings are one thing i did love about this game, most is disturbing in it's own right. Chapter five bad ending in particular I loved a lot due to how it all went down in a bat shit crazy way making you think about it again and again. Though, there are a few that come out of left field that sometimes don't make sense in context. But th good (ie: fucked up) out weigh the bad here.
Not all characters in the game are worth screen time, but again, it's something that can easily be forgiven as the story unfolds before you. Some people are just better off dead after all~
Length wise the game is easily 20 hours I'd say, a bit more or less depending on how quick you learn from your mistakes and if or if not your going for all endings and tags. Though some parts of the game, mainly getting the true ending for a few of the chapters makes you wonder why it matters if you did this or that. Mainly chapter 5, some of the shit to get tot he true end is kinda balls. lol.. but.. i pfft...
Corpse party is a decent game, and with how it ended i'd like to see more of it, so thanks to Xseed for bringing it over, it was a fun ride while it lasted.