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@fluxwavez: He could be nothing more, he could be something. We don't know, that's the fun of playing guessing games. Right?

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@fluxwavez: you talking about -we know this- that its high school, are you saying in juvi that teaching stops? Cause I believe kids are still having classes, just now locked down.

It might have high school students and a similar setting but not.

And as far as Sho why must it be fanfiction? Why introduce a character like him with nothing but fighting game part in mind. There was no need. He has to have some significant reason to be.

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@catolf: That idea doesn't make a lot of sense to me for multiple reasons. One of them: Why does Sho want to slit everyone's throats, including Narukami, if he's forced to fight Shadows?

Well, why is adatchi even in the game at all when he should be in jail, let alone in still clothing that he wore as a detective?

Besides, he's a criminal, what makes you think he's gunna be a nice guy?

If he's forced to fight shadows for freedom who's to say that freedom dosen't come for one and only one of the 'team' it might be a take them out before they take you out kind of thing for all we know.

I'm leaning more toward a juvi' detention center so to speak.

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Cause i loved this idea so much Imma re-post it. Cause this made a lot of sense. (quote was from the p5 trailer)

Ok, so wild mass guessing time about Persona 5 here.

The tag line in it is "You are slave. Want emancipation?" which hints at some kind of plot about gaining your freedom.

So, cut to the trailer released at the same time for the new Persona 4 Arena game, which has several new characters, most of whom we've seen from P4 and P3. EXCEPT for Sho, the red head. In the trailer Sho, makes a remark that he's "just a criminal, here to sharpen my blades on your throat."

Sho's appearance in that trailer has a red back ground (he also has red hair). Red also happens to be the predominant color in the P5 trailer.

So, here is my guess: Sho is a character from the up coming Persona 5, and is a criminal who is being used to fight shadows in order to earn his freedom.

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A whole thread and no one wondering if the real Dante was going to show up in the game?

if both parties don't wanna be involved in this flame war around DMC still, i think they might not wanna touch it/ deal with capcom. But who know's, nintendo is being rather bold lol. (project X zone Dante anyone?)

I just heard about this a day ago. nearly choked on some granola (yeah i'm working too much so VG news is sparse as is game playing ;_;) But man I'm excited. This sold a Wii U for me. I know the ps4 is on the horizon but giving that thing time to go down in price while enjoying this puppy will be great. Also I guess US release was stated, so no need to wonder about it (i worried a little, but i guess no need!)

Only thing I have noticed (not here which I was delighted about) is the wars going on between the FE community and the SMT one. Seems majorly either side dosen't know what the other side is for the most part, while this is good to open up doors for new fans, it's been causing quite a bit a conflict... holy crud. Welp, glad it's not going on here!

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@joshthebear said:


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glad your liking the game so far, i had a lot of fun with it when i stopped giving a damn about getting killed. lol

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@RPGee said:

@Catolf said:

Also, in all fairness, before Dante was what.. a half human half demon..? and we seen a shit ton of those too. And considering the story line of the previous games, at least this way they have something more to work with leaning toward either side.

Also, I'm kind of disappointed that Mundus looks like a dude, and not some giant hulking demon-thing. A minor quibble, though, considering cameras are in disguise.

Yeah I'm with you there, I'm sure it's some disguise to some grotesque looking hulking looking demon, but i wish when they showed him he looked like that demon.

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Having a lot of fun with this demo, i wanna play it a little more before i get to anything harder.

@RPGee said:

Also, a trend I found earlier this year has re-emerged: the existence of Nephilim. Remember how in Diablo III you were a nephilim? Remember how in Darksiders II you were a nephalem (different spellings, apparently)? Well, in DMC, you're apparently another one of these pesky angel-demon hybrids. I'm not going to say it's lazy or well-worn, because all of these games have been in development a while and couldn't have predicted each other. I'd just say that there should be a break from it soon, maybe. Yes, part of video games is that you're meant to be special, but I would not be sad to not see this idea for a while.

Also, in all fairness, before Dante was what.. a half human half demon..? and we seen a shit ton of those too. And considering the story line of the previous games, at least this way they have something more to work with leaning toward either side.

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@Onkel_Apan said:

@Demoskinos: It is a big difference between a lovable asshole and an asshole

No.. it wasn't lovable, it was idiotic to the extreeme..but.. it's Dante.. so..LETS GET CRAAAZZZZYYYYYY...*shot*

Also, to your thing about the story, I don't care if they got help or not, what in the end matters is that the stories were good, and I doubt they will go about this without getting it looked over. So.. aww snap.

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Everything about this game looks fucking RAD.

Could you please elaborate how anything but the combat in this game will be rad?

1: Being Ninja Theory the story will be fantastic.

2: It will be something worth playing.

3: Your looking to hate, and that's just rad for you, but give it a shot.

Face it, any story in any DMC was never worth a second look: "It's not about the story it's about the combat!" Is what I really hope you won't tell me. Or: "What are you talking about, the story in DMC is what made it great with the combat!" Cause that would be just silly too...XP

(not directing this part to you.)

Yes that DLC is expensive, but it's FREE as a preorder bonus. Both for the EU and for the US. What is there to complain about, honestly? You don't want it, don't preorder or buy it. You do, just preorder, no money spent until you get full game.

If you all weren't sure, I'm getting the game, it looks awesome.

1: From what I have seen, the cut scenes have been totally unappealing. Mostly because it flips over everything about Hideki Kamiya's original vision of Dante and the Devil May Cry world into an embarassing, loathsome mess targeted to teenagers.

Ummm... have you well i'll just direct that back to @Yummylee, they seemed to take care of that real quick. lol

2: The combat looks pretty serviceable, there's no doubt about that. But the redesigns of the characters, the enemies, and settings, and even user interface seem to be a big downgrade from the previous games. It would be hard for me to enjoy the combat when I loathe everything else.

Um... a down grade.. did you forget what everyone looked like before? The shitty little areas you had to fight that was the same as the LAST area you just fought in? Oh and camera angles..ughhghghhghgh! *shot*

3: I'm just really disappointed.

The story really isn't what is important. Its a video game, an action video game at that. A lengthy story bogged down by cut scenes is not necessary, unless it is interesting enough to complement the game-play, in which DmC's case it isn't from the looks of it. I'm not a fan of games that try to be blockbuster movies.

So are you looking to play this game for the story? If so, that's just silly.

HA!... i quit reading there..

An action game can have a decent story and not be labored, the first god of war did that nicely. But hey... XP

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@s810 Dante was a super immature piece of shit in DMC3. The only thing that has changed here is peoples perspective.

Here here!