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@awesomeusername: Cool, I'm glad my worries are unfounded and this was just a misunderstanding. Now i just gotta look for a great deal!

@john1912: Luckkkyyyyy.. Damn I'm sad I missed that deal.

@notnert427: Ah okay I gotcha

@sogeman: I was actually thinking about the destiny bundle witht he white Ps4 (looks damn sexy)

@corevi: Ah i see

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@awesomeusername: yes i'm looking at ps4's.. and no where on this page is there anything about the 500GB memory, they have listed as a 8 GB when they show a spec break down. Which as why my confusion. Hell my ps3 has more memory than that. Unless the GDDR5 is what they are talking about (which i admit i got no clue) But no where on there is there something saying 500GB.

I've been playing and buying consoles a long time, if it's me and I missed something, then that is a first for me. But if I did miss something please tell me so this never happens again.

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@militantfreudian: hmm that isn't a bad deal. i'm glad to know my worries about storage are unfounded, now browsing for a console will be a lot less stress XD

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Soulja Boy tell'm... Persona is the way to go.. Ohhhhhh!

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@corevi said:

All PS4s have 500GB HDDs, there are no other skews. You either read it wrong or they wrote it wrong.

Games are generally 40GB+ with mandatory installs so those hard drive sizes are impossible. You literally can't play Destiny on a (theoretical) PS4 with a 40GB HDD.

I thought something sounded funny when i was going through them, but it was how it was written, i thought everything sounded stupid small on game stops website after I kept hearing about how much installation and shit things need anymore to run. I swear i wasn't reading wrong, I'm re-reading now, it's just how they are listed.. i was really having a hard time with thinking any of that would be worth it.

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So I turned in my taxes and I will be picking up a ps4 with my return, one problem, the ones I see to buy don't really seem up to snuff...

If I get one I want it to be the first and last I get (it's what I usually plan for when getting a new console) until next gen, now this might be wishful thinking, but it's fine, let me have that. All i'm saying is that I'd like the best and the one with the most memory for the price that i can get currently on the market.


The ones I've seen, I admit mostly through Gamestop, are 8GB and the white one with the destiny bundle sits at 40GB. Now the best of the best seems to be the black friday bundle that some gamestops are still seeming to offer (i doubt the one in my area has that) with 500GB.

The 8GB and 40GB seem so damn small and knowing how much you have to install and this and that, you'll end up quickly needed an external drive to hold things on.

I don't want to spend over 400$ on something I'll need to spend ADDITIONAL funds on to get something external. I don't have that kind of throw away cash, I am trying to keep most of my return for rainy day funds.

So someone PLEASE tell me that the 8GB and the 40GB are worth it, what you've downloaded, how many games your running, if you needed or have an external drive going, just give me the low down, i'd sorely appreciate it. If not...

I guess i'll be holding off buying.

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@catolf: I know, I was just talking about the three besides the MC. You can't have a cat character and not have him be playable!

Haha yes!

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@nightriff: I think it was a more ironic type of love for teddie... @frostyryan: more like 4 party members, the cat is apart of it. Which is hella awesome.

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I think we still have S-links but are changed to cooperation... Someone said something about the rumor system might be back, but we'd have to wait and see.

Perhaps the blond is meaning to be misfits? A Little click of formed friends that are begging to break the chains?

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@fluxwavez: He could be nothing more, he could be something. We don't know, that's the fun of playing guessing games. Right?