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@dyong said:

I voted in this poll thinking there was no way anyone in their right mind would vote Yukari over Junpei and I was... unpleasantly surprised.

This.. so much of this...
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Oh Fuuka, how I've missed you. And look you got adorable! Now.. atlus.. give me my STU-PEI! 

Junpei + Chidori
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I'm down as long as I'm not working to much random hours.
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Xd that was rather fun... i like it. Hey persona 4, you ain't no 3 but your re-growing on me again.

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@TopSteer said:

I hope it gets Vita compatibility soon. I'd rather play it on the Vita but if not, I'll get it for the 3DS instead.

rumor is nintendo is dragging their feet as far as 3DS version so it might be another month or longer before it hit's Eshop.
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I can't wait.. August can't get here soon enough.

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It's a fun little game so far, and it dosen't take up much space on my memory card for how much game is in this game. Considering I had to use a whole new card to play corpse party, this one is right at home on a overly used card with all my psp games on it along with half minute hero DL. So thats nice.

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I don't think it is.

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@Irvandus said:

It has the same problems I had with the Tales of ____ series. Everyone needs to take a shut the fuck up pill during combat. At least not all of the special moves need to have their names shouted.

So what.. saying nothing the entire fight? That would be boring and you'd hear nothing but punches and kicks, you might as well talk to street fighter about that issue was well...
Also.. this: The man Series: Death by Brofist.. SOLD 
I might have to main Kanji and Akihiko.
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@FluxWaveZ said:

@Addfwyn: Catherine did exceptionally well both in Japan and in North America. I do not know how it did in Europe. Index has also stated that they were planning on turning Catherine into a media brand to branch out into different projects, so sequels are definitely a possibility.

I really do hope so, I'd love to see one starring a lady instead of a guy.. but just gimmie another one!