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@eroticfishcake: it's certainly different thats for sure, plenty of wtf Japan in it to make anyone pleased.
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@ESREVER: lol yuh us cool kids got it early XD
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Akihiko, but if they do give me my Junpei I'll be one happy girl!

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@ESREVER: Menu's are real easy to pick up and so on, but you might as well wait for it to hit EU or NA cause of all the challenges that I can't make sense of just yet.
@PixelPrinny: Yeah it's rather insane, but it's a real good time.
@SamStrife: I figured this might help, might as well sense I got the game. NP
@Smashlampjaw: As posted this will get a PSN release over this way and I hear it's not long from getting here. If your in the EU you won't have a long wait either. but if your wanting it now Play Asia will have you covered with the copy I got, but beware, while the menu's to an extent are in english the challenges are not.
@PenguinDust: Yeah I noticed that as well, aside from the extra life or the strength you need the animals do more or less play the same, cept your not eating herb's as a herb. But for me there is enough "Wtf Japan" to keep me going. Good to know some of that information from this hands on. Looks like I need to get on my deer run to continue the pom story. I only found the data stuff int he pom's.
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@atomic_dumpling said:

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let's say..the girls that come on the mic and giggle and flirt to win.. or lick PSP's? *Cough*JessicaChobot*cough* don't do anything for us but hurt us.

Are you serious? The way you worded this, the problem seems to be you. Personally, I would flirt right back.

How are you not grasping the concept?
In which case, you are part of the problem. Oi. And fyi.. those chicks always get a head shot from me. <3
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@KevinMerrill: Only way to deal with stuff like this. :D
@JadeGL: The thing is, because it is a Person vs/ person issue, we can't come to terms. Man-children abound and those females who do.. let's say..the girls that come on the mic and giggle and flirt to win.. or lick PSP's? *Cough*JessicaChobot*cough* don't do anything for us but hurt us. Ignoring is your best bet, but why stop using a mic? It's letting ignorance win. We gotta face whats out there, but do so in a productive way to make where we game (anyone) a better environment for all.
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Look.. It's supply and demand.
The girls aren't being forced to be there, pretty woman and selling things go together like PB&J, it'll continue no matter how you feel about it, but here's something I'd like to change. Pretty women, gorgeous women in fact is fine to have as a booth babe, but how about they be knowledgeable about the product they are selling on their chest?
Don't hire based on looks, they're plenty of lovely women out there that either do play games or would be open to trying to play your product and have the basic grasp of it. I'm not saying everything, but basic knowledge would be great. Hell give me some booth men as well. (yeah... not likely to happen if at all or much)
Don't think banning booth babes solves the man-child problem the gaming industry has. So don't bother. They will always be there, booth babes just make them easier to spot. You want E3 to grow up, start by not just thinking about how offended you are and take the girls into account. You might not care for it, but THEY are the ones who sign up to do it. Get mad at the company all you want, but they aren't forcing these girls to help sell the product, they SIGNED UP FOR IT.
You want to fix the problem, stop looking at the company and look to the girls, because if they don't demand different, whats the point?

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  Tokyo Jungle was a game that when I saw it I knew I had to import, I preordered this puppy (ha) from Playasia and waited with anticipation for it to arrive. I had first found out about that game thanks to Bon and his interest in it, so I had to check it out and see what it was all about. Needless to say I ended up getting it shipped to my house and throw into my ps3 (thanks no region lock!)
So my expectations were low, don't get me wrong, but this was and is one of those games that is so fucking... Japanese I had to have it.
I popped in the game and to my surprise I understood a lot more than I thought I would, most of the menu's are in English, the swap of the circle button for the X did throw me off just a tad, but like with Catherine I got used to it quick. I took to the tutorial first, the concept is very simple. Survive. You have a Health gauge, a Hungry gauge and your stamina meter. Being Hungry is your main threat, it run's out rather quickly, but thankfully drinking water does help lessen that other than just meat, but your going to be hunting, and your going to be doing a lot of it if your a carnivore. For those who'd rather play as a deer or other herbies and the like, you'll be going after certain grasses and water sources.
Can you hunt as a Herb?
 Gotta pimp that cow out!

Unlike with a carnivore the Herb's use hunt's to take out the carnivores or other herb's that will eat the grasses and flowers your after. As a Deer I was attacked by a group of rabbit's for donkey kicking one of it's brethren cause I wanted that group of plants to eat or I would die. It's a dog eat dog world and I wasn't planning to share. With the Herbs you don't get points for hunting, you get points for markers you find (think of establishing territory) and the plants you eat which goes into a point system that 'level's up your rank.
The better your rank, the stronger you can become, and the better the mates you can get and the more babies you'll have and if you manage to live and hunt and survive long enough with them to grow up, they become your extra lives.
The thing is though, to get a mate you need to clear the area so to speak of other animals that hold the territory as their own, once for me it was a family of beagles, then Hyena, then some toy terrier's and cats. If you don't get rid of them, your mate won't be escorted to the nesting area to breed.
Novice: (not good mates, no stat bonus/crap bonus not worth trying to breed.)
Veteran: (decent mates, but the stat bonus are better and more babies)
Boss: (fantastic mates and boosts for Heath and strength and speed and more babies)
Mates are an intricate part of this game, not just because the babies you make can become your extra lives. Why?
Because your animals do get old and they can die. (did not find that out until last night, I lived 20 years and keeled over.) During Survival you could say the years tick by like minutes, each minute a year goes by and you'll get points for how long you manage to live and how well you can hunt and find food. The longest I managed to live was 30 minutes with 3 generations on my belt.
It sounds a little harsh, but the game itself hides presents, sometimes inside the animals you kill, be it a bottle of water or even a revive pill (so far very rare) which come in very handy in a time where water is scarce or your too far out exploring to find food. Let alone the hazards of the animal life itself (I came back to my territory to find a tiger family had invaded. Not good for a family of Pomeranian's.) or the weather changes.
Yes, from extreme heat that makes the water dry up, to torrential rain or dark night, even a poison gas spilling out and slowly killing you and the other animals around you. (the gas is the worst, the prompt will warn you when it's about to happen) There was a point where the gas came through and I was low on health and was desperately hungry and found a dead animal, I jumped at it to eat but it only poisoned me further. Not worth it.
There is plenty to unlock and even a store to spend the points you make in survival on to make sure you last a lot longer the next time. (i haven't figured out how to work that just yet.) But there is plenty of animals to unlock and choose from, some just DLC and others you can earn (even a fucking Rapter and a Wooly-mammoth.. i kid you not) Right now I am using the Pom and a Japanese Deer. I find it EXTREMELY satisfying killing deer and large wolves with a Pom. (I plan to move up and strike my revenge against tigers next.)
There is a story mode but from what I can tell you need to unlock it during survival, which isn't exactly a con for me, it's just more incentive to get better at it.
This little gem IS coming over which i did not think it would, but I don't regret buying it.
I was going to post what the scoring system kinda looks like, but GB won't let me do it, so I'll just link from my twitter.Thats my second best score, the best one was 30K which I neglected to take a picture of :C
Anyway, this is my hands on, as I figure things out I might add more to the blog.
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Great blog, defiantly worth the read, congrats Aura!