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I just got my copy! Having a lot of damn fun so far!

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GB get's all rawr when vagina's come up in video games. My thoughts on these matters:
Tomb Raider: She's getting her ass kicked...torture porn? Pass? Hm... *waits*
FarCry: Man... i feel like i'm on drugs watching this.
Hitman: Sexy nuns.. okay? *shrug and moves on to shit that matters*
That's it.. can we all move on?

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you know what.. thats rather awesome.. can't wait till i see who i get int he end lol

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@MethodMan008: No not really, cause even level 80 pawns (which were your friends pawns thus why they didn't cost you anything) can still get royally fucked over during a sudden boss battle. I have a level 55 with me and i'm about 20 some now, it makes things easier, but your not going to be out of the woods when you get mobbed. Don't rely on them for everything definitely, but enjoy the ride.
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@PolygonSlayer: It's your Pawns that alert you. Make sure to grab pawns that know things about the quests you have, when you go to the rift check them, they will show what knowledge they can provide you with. the more they learn the more than can warn you about certain things. When they say "I've gained beast knowledge" that means they learned something new about the enemy. Others will gain quest knowledge.
Also, if you have any friends who have this game and are farther than you, grab their pawns, they'll have knowledge to help you along and no matter how high the level they are, friend pawns are free to use. Thus you won't have to spend cash on a high level pawn.
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@PolygonSlayer: that dungeon at cassardis is a little bit of a doozy but the best bet when fighting those lizards is to cut off the tails first, I was an archer more or less so before i jumped down I asked my mage for help to buff my knives with fire to do more damage (and my warrior and so on) and I shot at them from above to thin them out before jumping in. I see people keep saying it's a button smasher but you gotta do a lot of preplanning I've noticed.
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@Morrow said:


I think that was my problem too. I somehow thought she would just follow me wherever I go, and suddenly I got the message it failed... oh well.

This, so much this.
I thought they could follow anywhere and if you get too far where they are supposed to go they do vanish and you do fail. I got off course with the woman (with the hydra head) and she was helping me fight and we were just walking and she kinda poofed. then I failed, I know she didn't die cause she was right next to me.
So word to the wise, take them bastards where they need to go or you will fail!
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  • System: PS3
  • Gamertag: Catolf
  • Pawn Name: Sin Mattox
  • Level: n/a
  • Vocation/Rank: n/a
  • Primary Skills: n/a
  • Secondary Skills: n/a
  • Core Skills: n/a
  • Augments: n/a

(Will post once I have full game. Using the Pawn I first created.)

Sin is a womanizing bastard from up north who teamed up with Ladonna for the simple fact she had a big rack. He's a brute to be used and won't bother denying it. He's a big man and tends to boast is accomplishments and (lack of) to anyone and everyone who's willing to listen to his babble after a few pints much to Ladonna's dismay. There is no love lost between the two (sort of) companions, she dosen't mind what he does as long as he is still doing his job and watching her back. For him it's a good time kicking the shit outta everything as long as he can make some cash and impress the bitches with his new griffon skin belt and manticore polished boots.
Sin is a simple man, give him booze, girls and a good fight and he'll want for nothing.

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@Phatmac said:

@Animasta: Killing the MC and a party member has been done before. Also the whole world in peril has been done several times. Killing a kid in a game is a rare thing. Even one that you've developed a relationship for most of the game.

I didn't find it moving, why? because they didn't let her stay dead, they did a cop out at end and revived her. thus, not moving, and everyone can say "Well if you don't get the true ending she stays dead!" so what? you still get a cop out of the true end. You wanna move me? Keep the child dead.
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@AlexanderSheen: Souji Seta was the name I really thought they were going to go with, not Yu, but in any case the whole Charlie thing is out of hand anymore. XP.