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Both of those movies were incredible. It's such a shame they never made any after them.

Yeah, Terminator with modern special effects imagine how cool that would be...

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After careful consideration I gotta go with T1. T2 is a great movie but its got some flaws. That annoying kid, over reliance on one liners, ect. While T1 is a movie that aces everything it sets out to do. The police station scene in T1 alone puts it ahead.

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Wow I doubt that all those people who backed the Oculus on Kickstarter are super happy about this!

"We believe virtual reality will be heavily defined by social experiences that connect people in magical, new ways."

This gives me douche chills.

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This honestly feels like a bad dream.

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That whole segment was why I love Giant Bomb so much.

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Making a second crew on both platforms is a great idea. We just have to think of a better name than giantbomb 2.

2 Giantbomb 2 furious?

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Username dogpowerd

Plat: 360


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<p>Wow the wii u version was so bad sega wouldn't release it...Let that concept sink in.</p>

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Interesting article! Thanks for writing it.

Uggh. I think I'm going to make it a rule not to look at the comment sections for this site ever again.

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Steam: dogpowerd Come shoot me in the back of the head!