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Specifically, how does the no-revive thing work? Like, what happens in these situations:

  • A couple people die but the rest reach the checkpoint -- does everyone respawn or do you have to leave and re-enter?
  • Everyone dies -- are you kicked to orbit or just to the checkpoint?
  • You reach a checkpoint and leave and come back the next day -- does it save progress as usual?
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Good luck Alexis!!

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Whenever I sit down and ty to go through every combo a character has, it always takes me way over an hour just to get through it because I'm so bad at inputting them, and when I do pull it off, it just feels like I got lucky and I can't really reproduce it. Fighting games are still lots of fun to me, but I've had to settle with never being able to pull off combos on demand and only having good fights with lower-level AI. Something about quarter/half circles in particular is completely lost on me.

That's ok though, I'm way way better at shootin' people instead :D

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If I don't play Crucible does my 'Titan Mark' actually amount to anything?

Nope. The only use we've seen so far is faction related, and if you really will never play crucible, you won't earn crucible marks and you won't be able to buy faction equipment. Which is fine -- you can get the same or better stuff in PVE. Even the recent event-related class-items have all required playing some PVP to get any benefit.

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If I purchased a Vanguard 'Titan Mark' will it give me bonus Vanguard Marks/Points?


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The item requires you to be a Lvl 20 to equip but on the Destiny Wiki it says the item itself is Lvl 60. Wtf does that mean?

The destiny wiki level means nothing in this case. It just has a level requirement.

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Bastions ok, but it felt like I was getting it 50% of the time. I had a streak of 4 Bastion maps in a row once, so it's great news that it's getting less frequent!

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Sorry for your loss, Jeff. My thoughts are with you.

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Farming like this isn't a viable way to get the top-end stuff, so I don't think Bungie is in the hugest rush to fix it. At the rate you get purples and exotics from engrams, you're better off getting strange coins and crucible/vanguard marks than shooting at a cave for 30 hours.

The new exploit that I don't think many have caught on to is having 3 characters of the same class, and passing armor/weapons between them to get around daily/weekly cooldowns of raids and strikes. Once you get a good set of armor, you can do the weekly strike 3 times on different characters to grab 27 strange coins in not very much time.

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@pyrodactyl said:
  • The best farming spot in the game is in the nexus strike. I think the drop rate is better if you're in a higher level playlist so you should aim for farming at lvl 24. Just before the boss there is 12 goblins in a cluster near a cliff. Kill them all, jump off the cliff, repeat. As I said before, the higher level you are, the better the drops. Getting a purple might take a while (did it for 1h-1h30 last night at lvl 22 and got only about 12 blue engrams and no purp) and it's very much not guarantied to actually be a purple piece of loot or a purple piece of loot for your class.

Please do not do this unless you have a full group of 3 friends. There are people who would actually like to do the strike and not be matched into a game to farm that cliff over and over; I was one of them, and I had to kill the boss by myself while the 2 farmers refused to help.

There are tons of places to go farm by yourself in patrol, lookup "treasure cave" on youtube or check reddit for the dozens of other spots that don't mess with other people.

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I don't think it's necessarily a console-specific issue, and it's something that multiplayer Bungie games have suffered since at least Halo 3. Just making wild assumptions here, but it's probably just a decision on their part to "count" both players' inputs. E.g. on your screen, you see me and shoot me. On my screen, the same thing. You might've shot first, but I shot back before my game had any idea that you'd already killed me because of network latency, and Bungie says "oh whatever, they both count."

Games like counter-strike, I'm sure, run into that same scenario, but Valve decided only make one of them count. This can be bad too -- maybe you shoot me first, but I have a faster connection and the server gets notified I fired first, so I might get the kill just because I'm down the block from my ISP (if that's how Valve does it, I'm sure there's much more going on we don't know about).

I guess what I don't like about Bungie's way of doing it is that it exposes the network latency problem. If they let only one person get the kill, at least the problem would be hidden and you could be blissfully ignorant of someone having a slower connection.