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Sony wasting a bunch of money on worthless "exclusives" like this. Did Microsoft even have a single "first on Xbox!" type exclusive at this E3? Maybe they finally realized that a few "real" exclusives like Tomb Raider are better than getting betas or CoD maps a few weeks early.

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Isn't the most interesting aspect of this whole thing: Will the expansion sell? I have a hard time believing anybody who purchased the Destiny season pass were happy with the content they got to be willing to spend another $60 on a single expansion that just maybe has the amount of content every single piece of season pass DLC should've had?

I'm still a pretty big fan of destiny, but they're just running it into the ground in classic, but accelerated Activision style IMO. I don't regret getting the season pass 'cus the moment-to-moment shooting is so fun, but the shooting itself doesn't make up for the severe lack of content. Me and everyone I play with has become so burnt-out from playing the same crap over, and I have absolutely no desire to ever play the game again.

It's like they opened up this cheap burrito stand that only sells one burrito, and that burrito is pretty good! So you stop by and get that same burrito every day at lunch for a month, then holy crap, why are you still getting this burrito? You're so sick of it, but woah! Now they'll add green chile to the burrito for twice the price, so what the heck, you still go there for another month. You hate yourself, the burrito guy is such an asshole, the burrito still tastes pretty good, but man you've eaten so many burritos, what the hell are you doing with your life? The burrito guy starts handing out flyers 'cus he's adding cheese to the burrito next month for 2 bucks more. Two bucks for cheese? "If I showed you a picture of this burrito covered in cheese, you'd throw money at the poster" he tells you. Fuck that guy and his now 10 dollar burrito. You never want to see another burrito like his for as long as you live.

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Heads up on the Xbox One version that just got released on Tuesday -- matchmaking is completely broken. Solo and private games work fine, but joining an unknown person's game or accepting random people into games does not work.

They say they're working on it, but given their track record of talking about patches for the console versions and never following through, maybe you should hold off and see if they actually patch it. To this day, the 360 version never received even the day 1 balance patches that the other versions got.

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I like to refer to the "GPU Hierarchy Chart" on Tom's Hardware when considering an upgrade.

They don't recommend that you upgrade unless the new card is at least 2 tiers above the one you currently have.

The most recent list was posted in May before the 980ti launched, but based on performance reviews I'm guessing it's going to be in the same tier as the 690 and Titan X, which is 3 tiers above the 770.

But no matter what, follow your heart, pal.

I can tell you one thing: nothing beats the feeling that comes from unboxing a new video card. It's wonderful. Especially if you have the money to spend.

This is a pretty good reference, and they actually recommend at least 3 tiers difference for an upgrade, otherwise you might not notice much of a difference and be disappointed.

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Well, what are we talking about when you say "bad?" Developers probably know if their game is objectively bad (e.g. completely broken), but I don't necessarily think they'd agree with you when it's subjectively bad. They have way more context than us on the quality of their game. With their tiny budget and harsh deadline, their game might be pretty freakin' awesome! I bet a lot of devs are proud of what they were able to accomplish given their particular constraints even if you think it's a piece of shit.

Not that their point of view affects your point of view in anyway. From our narrower view of "I paid 60 bucks for this and it sucks," then yeah, the game is bad. Both sides are totally valid.

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Finally had time to read this. I really appreciate you going out of your way to let us in on this stuff! Incredibly interesting

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I like Destiny a lot, but the PVP has become toxic and the worst part of the game (if it wasn't already from the start). Their balancing has made it so only a handful of guns are viable anymore, and the Trials of Osiris has created a new breed of elitist assholes who will deny anything wrong with the game because they're superior to people at this particular game mode.

You know that whole StarCraft thing where Blizzards goal is to have you win 50% of matches to achieve a good competitive balance? Destiny goes to the complete opposite with trials, because if you aren't winning nearly 100% of your games, you're a piece of shit who sucks at the game. It's ludicrous catering to a small part of the audience at the expense of everyone else.

I don't blame anyone for being off-put by the pvp, even to the point that they delete the game from their hard-drive. It just encourages all the worst parts of competitive shooters.

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If you're thinking about possibly getting oculus, sounds like a 970 will work but isn't quite good enough for them to recommend it. I'd wait it out until prices come down and there's something you must have it for, unless you must play Witcher 3 at max settings right now.

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It's strange that they have the full range of matchmaking in the game. In patrols you are sometimes thrown in with another person and have no control whatsoever with playing with them, in strikes and crucible you're (presumably) matched smarter with levels and ping taken into consideration, and in raids and nightfalls you're on your own to figure it out. In some ways it feels like they're throwing everything at the wall and data-mining everything to see what people are drawn to.