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Let the cat sleep in it, close the stopper on the sink, and remember to wipe out the hair every morning. Cat gets to stay happy!

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What was that solitaire game that was briefly mentioned on the game of the year deliberation podcasts? My mom's been looking for something non-actiony to play and that sounded like a candidate.

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What a bummer! I always loved having Patrick's take on everything; he always seemed to come at things from a different angle than the norm that usually made for some thought-provoking and interesting conversations. And who's left to deliver the scoops?!

Best of luck with everything you do in the future Patrick!

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I'm actually feeling a lot better about my xbox one after the terrible year Sony had. Back when it came out, I was sort of regretting not being able to play Infamous 'cus it looked so nice, but that game was pretty quickly forgotten. Really the only thing that I feel like I'm missing out on is The Tomorrow Children.

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The nightfall/weekly thing really doesn't seem like a big deal. They'll be back for everyone next week and probably for at least 4 weeks after that, and it's something you'd knock out in under an hour anyway.

In fact, I bet more people would be upset if they didn't include the new strike in the rotation. The DLC is already really thin on content for the up to 20 buck cost of it, even thinner on xbox. It'd be a huge bummer if they didn't include the new strike alongside the others in the weekly rotations.

I guess it's kind of a no-win situation when the game starts out with too-little content and you have to pay to add more.

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I don't really like DoggCatcher, it feels quite bloaty.

I don't have an android anymore, but I loved DoggCatcher when I did. It does have way more features than you'll ever use, but once you set it up how you like (only download on wifi and when plugged in, only get latest version, delete when done playing, etc.) you really never have to touch any of that stuff.

Downcast is about the equivalent to DoggCatcher on ios. highly recommend both -- worth the price :D

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It seems more and more unlikely that we'll get any satisfying ending. Either we'll be convinced Adnan didn't do it, but there won't be enough evidence to overturn the conviction, or it'll continue to walk the middle and end with people arguing whether he did it or not.

I have mixed feelings about Serial. I'm not as into it as most people. For one thing, I think it's kind of disrespectful to make entertainment based on someones death, but since the show is less about the murder and more about the poor workings of the legal system it's really a minor point. To me it feels mostly like speculation though.

I'm kinda surprised to hear that. I see where you're coming from after thinking about it like that, but I've been listening to it like any other news program -- just a way more in-depth program than something like Dateline.

I think the whole speculation thing on Reddit and stuff like that weirds me out more. I don't really like to see people do arm-chair investigating like that when there are already professionals out there working on figuring out what happened.

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If you're feeling super thrifty and are willing to put in a lot of time, here's some stuff you can do to squeeze every last bit out of your computer

  • back everything up
  • reinstall windows (assuming you're on windows, right?)
  • get latest BIOS, motherboard, graphics, and sound drivers (ideally in that order)
  • only install the stuff you actually need/use
  • set you desktop background to a solid color
  • in control panel > sounds, turn off all notification sounds
  • turn off the chrome/transparency/"aero" stuff
  • go into the registry and disable everything you can from starting up automatically (don't install some crap to do this step, look up a guide)

Then if you're feeling really adventurous, look up "tweak guides" online. I'll admit it's been a while since I've looked at one, so they might suck now-a-days, or knowing the internet, they're a billion pages long and full of ads. You can really mess things up if you're not careful (usually not bad enough that a windows reinstall won't fix it), but it does slightly improve performance. Ideally you want to find a guide that explains what each thing does, then decide if you actually wanna change it. It's usually stuff like "disable transparency on this thing" or "turn off animation for that thing", and it can make windows look really crappy (but actually perform much snappier).

Even if you only get one or two extra fps, at least you'll learn more about your computer messing around with it :D

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@flstyle said:

Ok, I'll bite, what is Cards Against Humanity's 10 Days or Whatever of Kwanza?

An FAQ on their site answers all the important questions, like:

Statistically, how many of us will die before we get the gifts?

About 20. Good luck!

There's like 100k slots left at the moment, so still some time.

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@MalekMouzon said:

@patrickklepek, I really enjoyed the Ezra Klein piece but was disappointed that he didn't challenge us, or himself for that matter, to come up with ways to deescalate and move away from the new normals that he discussed. It could be something as simple as speak and write with more nuance, beware of generalizations, consider empathy over your own self interest.

There's something to be said for connecting the dots and showing correlating issues but what's the point of calling attention to something without adding anything constructive.

Which leads me to ask you and others, what do you think is the way forward or rather away from this super polarized world?

I agree with you 100%. I believe that in order to change or improve something, a clear goal with a defined end state is needed.

This may a controversial statement but Twitter needs to end. At its best it was used for the angry and self important. Now is is more a forum for harassment and partisanship. Society existed before it and will exist after its inevitable death. I just believe the process should be spend up.

I think everyone should be able to describe their "opposition" party in positive terms. Understand what it is that they believe. If you can't describe the positives of beliefs held by people you disagree with, we will never have any discussion ever. Just realize that everybody wants peace and prosperity. We just forgot how to talk about it.

I think it's a great article exactly because it doesn't provide a solution or (much) personal commentary from Ezra. You're doing the right thing here by thinking for yourself and drawing your own conclusions based on some good information about what's going on.