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I hope that game's still there...

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Hi, I see this. Although, I am not a fan of Super Meat Boy...

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Hey all, just an introduction.

My name's Celine and I live in Australia. I'm a fan of RPGs and Turn-Based Strategy.

I also watch anime and read manga and have a list over on MAL under Phantom-Brave12.

I like writing, reading and I draw occasionally.

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100% agree with Icewind Dale. I was scanning the list, thinking the title in my head repeatedly. Another game that has a good score is Gunstringer, a game on the Wii. It's got one of those western soundtracks that I like.

I also like the OST for Jak X and Persona 4. There are some songs each on the FF OSTs and on The Witcher.

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I never got to finish Suikoden IV. I played it at a friend's house but he got rid of the game.