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I found this to be more interesting than the actual giantbomb panel

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Best of luck Patrick, you brought great energy and perspective to the bomb crew and I'm sure you'll do the same wherever you go next. The site won't be the same without you, that's for sure.

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Tweets not being shown here, have not noticed a video issue however

using Chrome

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Hey Duders, I'm interested in running the raid and have failed to find people on Bungie's website. I'm turning to the GB community to help me but I'm looking for only level 28+ players (must have a mic). I want to run this raid on Wednesday (Tomorrow) around 2pm Eastern time but I'm aware this is short notice for most so I will also be available on Thursday. I'm playing on PS4 and my gamer tag is: CxCav

Reply here or add me on PSN and send me a msg if interested

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I've enjoyed my time with this game but my biggest complaint is that similar to most assassin creed games, I constantly find myself running, vaulting, climbing in directions I don't always intend to go. It can be extremely frustrating but that problem is by no means exclusive to this game.

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sent a request to NA East clan under name cav86

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sent request: CxCaV

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I'm CxC in game, please add me