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third strike and blood rayne at 20% off each is cool plus some "pro order" bonuses is cooler

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amazon sent me mine the release day but i pre-ordered in march lol 
don't be so mad, that's the way atlus USA works, they  ship low quantitative to create demand and don't lose/need to invest that much money, they aren't EA 

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i'm starting this post to ask for help, Codemaster's websites are down, i contacted their costumer support to tell them i can't redeem my VIP code to get the 12 digits for the PSN, they sent me a link that doesn't work either. 
Am i missing something? or i'm f****?

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get it on the 360 you will enjoy it and it have to be cheap by now, namco bandai USA is terrible localizing their games don't hold your breath for an american release of ToV ps3

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i buy new games all the time with my most anticipated games, but there is a 20% of my games that are the ones that get bad reviews or simply i don't see the value of the 60$ and i buy them used or when they get cheap 
buying new games here is hard, the price for a new game is 1/4 of my monthly salary
i still feel ashamed that i bought valkyria chronicles used or paid 15$ for enslaved

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folklore was amazing and looking at their wikipage i see they also made Brave Story, another fantastic game 

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sweet motion controls 
teh future of gaems!!

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"it has potential, lets see what nintendo can do with it" 
i heard that one before