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and they will sell millions of copies at 60$, oh gawd 
the Kinect conference was boring

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i don't know what to think, i really want to play peace walker with proper controls but i'm not sure if i want to pay for mgs2 and mgs3 again, i guess if they price it right i will be all over it,  
i don't care about ZOE but i'm already looking where i can pre-order the silent hill HD "collection"

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if they release the PSvita with this wipeout at launch Sony will score a lot of points

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how the level editor uses the front and back touchpad is awesome

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hey Sony i will buy the PSVita don't worry, just give me more than 2 hours of battery life and we're good

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i find funny that Naughty Dog was asking a couple of weeks ago what crazy stats tracking or leaderboards would you like to see on uncharted 3 
oh you Activision

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Vita sounds good but playsation vita not so much, i guess it's a matter of getting used to it, like the Samsung spica  
Vita is a latin originated word so pronounce it as so, don't use Anglo-Saxon pronunciation, or you can pronounce it whatever you want

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that would be sweet, tinier quitter consoles sounds right 

but i doubt that will happen

note: blu-ray drives aren't slow (nowadays) the ps3 have some "long" loadings because the blu-ray drive inside of it is old 
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i really hope MW3 to be the start of the  downfall

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Peace Walker, is such a good metal gear  game so despised just because it's a psp game 

Valkyria Chronicles 2, that art style deserves better resolutions
and the Persona 2/ Persona 3 psp games

but the real question for me is how much i'm willing to pay for those remakes?