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i don't have  fury or dead nation, and now i will have them for free 

thanks sony...i guess

also if you don't have infamous you should grab it

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warhawk was really nice even with the obligatory sixaxis controls
it's a shame i didn't bough it, nowadays i don't underestimate the value of a different MP experience

but i really hope this game to come out in 2012 my 2011 budget is already in red numbers
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yeah! milk it !

like the activision way
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you can't finish WoW and WoW have lots of fan
sarcasm aside

yes you can, no one can tell you  of what you can be fan or not
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i'll bring the popcorn!

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i usually buy new consoles withing the year of the release, but after the clusterfuck this gen launch was i'll wait maybe 18 months before buying the next gen consoles

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the 360 is still selling better every month this is no sense, although they do need to make early dev kits at least a year before launching it

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Gears of War 2, many people say  the campaign story is so much better than GoW1 but i don't see that, boring campaign, horrible multiplayer

every Call of Duty after MW1,  if i wanted to play more MW1 now (which i don't) i'll just play MW1 i don't need to buy a yearly COD just to play an imitation of  MW1

and like many other people, Dragon Age 2 made me rethink about my love to Bioware, is not a bad game but it's the poorest recent game of bioware, it left me wondering if bioware really pay attention to details
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i will buy it for the PStriple, i stopped buying 360 games some time ago

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WTH they have all of my precious passwords, i should just use a diary like old times for now on