Legends of Grimrock!

If you haven't heard of this game, don't let it slip by. This game is great. It mixes a lot of really nice mechanics and makes a really fun game. If you like dungeon crawling, puzzle solving, and/or RPGs, check this one out. I'll admit, I torrented it so I could try it, but as soon as I got halfway through the first floor, I quit, uninstalled, and bought immediately. Support this team!

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I'm sure only followers will see my blog and I guess whoever clicks on my profile, but I feel like writing a blog and maybe it will get me somewhere. This is my first blog on this website and I like speaking my mind about gaming and other issues, so I may post more of these, granted I'm not just writing in a "personal diary" that no one ever reads. I became a supporter of Whiskey Media yesterday mainly because I feel I spend too much time as it is on this site, I figure why not support it with my monthly earnings. This all aside, I will begin my blog post.

So I currently work at an office job doing tech support work in the form of maintaining a help file. I have a degree in Music Education. Yes, there is a disconnect here, that is how the education field is right now: extremely hard to get into now. Still looking for education jobs, but I've wondered if I should seek my second dream (and probably everyone else's dream on this site), which is video games. I love video games, from reviewing them, talking about them, looking back on games I grew up with, informing friends and family about new and upcoming things in gaming, and so on. I know game design would be nearly impossible to get in, both with me having to get another degree and finding a job where I'm located would be nearly impossible. So I thought, what about game reviewing or even tech support for gaming (manuals, strategy guides, help files, etc). I know of many amateur game reviewing sites that I am a part of, but don't get compensation (which is fine at the moment, but I'm looking for more). If anyone reading this has ANY idea in how to get into this field, any and all information would be great!

Now that that is out of the way, I will continue my normal blog post. So I've been playing Syndicate lately (thanks to Giant Bomb). I'm really having a good time with the game (aside from finding competent people to play online with). I'm near the end of the SP and need to get there quickly, as the game I've been looking forward to since the previous installment (Mass Effect 3) is coming out within 4 days. I'm looking to write my first review on Mass Effect 3 on this site by the end of next week. I may just write a "first couple of hours" review, as I will probably spend A LOT of time with this game. Playing the demo, I love the addition of coop so that I can enjoy this game with my friends and family and I believe coop is a worthy addition, but not completely necessary to enjoy the game. We will see when the full retail version comes to my house next week.

Again, I hope to do a lot more of these and a lot more interaction with this community with reviews, comments, and so on. Hopefully, someone on this site will be the connection I need to get into this dream industry, but for now, I continue to do this as a hobby and passion of mine and will always do so, regardless of what happens in my business career.