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:( Goodbye @patrickklepek. You (being the closest to my age) really enlightened me to many things in my time viewing this sight. I even remember watching you when you were on G4. You've given me advice via twitter when you probably get asked things all the time, but took time to talk to me personally. I may be a musician, but my second love is video games and if you gave me anything, it was the hope that if music were to ever fail me in my career, that I could buck up, put my mind to it, and maybe pursue that second dream of mine. You've also introduced me to so many games I would have never played if it wasn't for you. I'm definitely going to drink in your honor tonight and play some scary games. If you are ever in the Kentucky area, hit me up and I'll buy you a drink! See ya around Scoops

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I keep having issue connecting. I can get the game started, but it always takes us back to the login screen on our phones/tablets/laptops. Any tips or is it my network?

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I agree. I dumped about 40 hours into DS1 and decided after beating it that I would pick up DS2. I played it for about 5 hours and haven't played it since. It seems... bland. Sure, the visuals are incredible, but I don't know, just doesn't feel the same... this being said, I would totally watch a Dark Souls 2 Vinny and Alex playthrough!

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You had me at "would you watch a Dan and Drew..." Seriously though, these two are dynamite together!

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Not gonna lie: I had no beef with "Yoshi" but after this discovery... fuck that guy

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I think an official remake is past the date of possibility. It has been two consoles since the originals. Your best bet is to get them on iOS/Android. Those versions are actually pretty great, if you can get used to the controls

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I was bummed when I checked numerous times today and there was no Freedom Stream. I'm so pumped now that there is one! Can't wait to see how the new guys adapt (Dan seems to be adapting just fine judging by his two quicklooks)!

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@vierastalo: I watched "The Last of Us" video and I hope that his dad visits the GB office every once in a while

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I picked it up, as well as every DLC except the newest one (Big Bank?) Hit me up!