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I don't like buying games I already own from XBLA. MS should have given us content we already own for free.

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@mattFTM: thanks for the clarification.

I made the post to see if those in charge thought my point made sense. I like their new tool and just noticed that this particular game seemed to be weighted a little harshly.

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MattyFtm- I don't mean to slight you or your opinion,

but I would not be suprised at all to find out that most if not all of the GB members with 1,000 in Rumble Roses XX cheated to do it. If you are not familiar with the game or gamesaving- then I wouldn't expect that you'd immediately come to that conclusion.


Basically, there is/ was a way for people to upload a save of the game that allowed them to unlock the full 1,000 points in RRXX in about 10 hours of play (quicker, yet if you just used a hack).


To really get 1,000 in Rumble Roses XX you need to play between 500 and 800 hours of the game (the variance is based on skill, luck, and difficulty level).


DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE that 200 users on this site (representing a fraction of the userbase) really did that?


I know for a fact they did not.


If you want to know how to spot a cheater in that game look at the dates/ time stamps


Most cheaters got 1000 offline or got it around December 2006.  My rule is- if the dates aren't realistic (you can't play 500 hours of a game in a couple days) then it's bogus. If you have "acquired" next to the two hardest achievements "All Costumes Unlocked" and "All Shop Unlocked" - when it is common knowledge that this is a cheated game- then you are either stupid or a cheater or both.


I stand behind my comment.

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Hey, speaking as someone who has put 150 hours into Rumble Roses XX already with 470 GS to show for it, I think that the way you measure ranks for the achievement feature is way off.

Excluding all of the gamesavers, you'll probably only find about 2 or 3 dozen gamertags with 1,000 points in the game. A score like mine which requires over 5000 matches should not be assigned a B rank.

I think 250 should be B rank because that can be done in about 30 hours. 270-650 should be A
and 1000 S.