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I'm having a lot of fun so far myself. The story is definitely slow and bland, but so far that's mattered little to me. I never expected this to be a narrative heavy game. Sure PR hyped it up, but I stopped listening to PR years n years ago.

Yes, it's a tad repetitive so far, but what MMOish game isn't? The gameplay is really what shines here and man is it tight and satisfying.

Having a group of friends play this together is quite frankly nothing short of a good time. If you don't have friends however, you may not enjoy this game. I'd definitely put it in a category with a game like left 4 dead where you need friends to fully enjoy the game.

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Please be current gen only!!!!

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@edsone said:

Remake or a hd re-release? doesn't need any remake to be honest. Wind Waker didn't even need that treatment in my opinion nor does DQVIII.

In any case you can play on iOS/Android with better resolution and a few improvements as long as you don't mind the lack of voice acting and orchestral score. No updated textures though :/

Needs a new console/PC re-release though.

Speaking of that iOS/Android port, how is it? Has anyone else here played it? I'm interested in it, but not sure if there are any downsides to playing this version over just digging out my PS2 and finally playing DQVIII. Also, how are the controls? The description said something about a one handed mode.

Buying a $20 game for my phone still seems real weird to me and Square loves charging a premium for all their games on phones.

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I kind of respect what people are doing here, I truly do.

But this should really be the company's responsibility - he needs these tools to do his job, after all, and the theft was (seemingly) totally out of his control.

Feels weird to me that the forums are picking up CBS' slack but whatever, it's inspiring nonetheless.

CBS does give them the tools to do his job....AT his job

These were his personal in home items that were stolen and CBS could give a flying fuck about those items getting stolen.

The duders dont' get freebies from the company for use outside of work. Why do you think Brad never got a Wii? He would've had to pay for it with his own money and he didn't think the Wii was a good purchase for him (I know he regrets not playing those Galaxy games though!)

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Eh...I'll just buy one for $20 on ebay in about a year n a half to two years. Not getting burned for the full $150 again.

I'm not one to ever really regret a purchasing decision when it comes to gaming as I can usually find some kind of positive thing about it, but man that first kinect fucking sucked.

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I believe the idea of it is to get Super rares, ultra rares etc. much faster than playing exhibition mode

If you notice, there is no super rare+ or ++ like in exhibition, which means it's faster and easier to rank up to the ultra rare in KOTR to start acquiring UR cards

So with a decent SR++ lineup in exhibtion mode, you should be at the UR level in KOTR allowing you to earn UR cards for getting past the qualifying round

Which in turn will also make you level up to UR in exhibition mode faster once you win an UR card from KOTR unlocking the ability to maybe win an UR from the randomly generated card pile

The two modes basically feed into one another from what I've gathered

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As others have said, it has my heart with its charm and I do love spending some time with the LBP. games. Having said that, the controls are awful and it is not much actual fun to play. I am so torn on it, but I will definitely get LBP3 if the controls are more responsive and snappier.

Don't hold your breath on that one. Because all LBP 1 and 2 community levels will work with LBP, they can't possibly change how the game plays. Surely the physics will still be the same.

Transporting all those old levels to the new game is cool and all, but honestly I think it'll hurt them in the long run. They should've started completely over and changed the physics for a more tighter experience like a mario or super meat boy.

LBP has amazing charm, visuals and level creator. But if you are making a platforming game and the platforming itself is complete dogshit, then your game isn't good. Everything else around it is solid as hell, but the controls are the ONE thing above all else you have to get right in a platformer and it doesn't. This is coming from someone who owns every single game in the series by the way.

Yea, some of you might say that it's not a platformer with everything this game CAN be, but since it's debut it was always meant to be a platformer and jumping around is a majority of the game.

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It's amazing how great Brad is at hosting. He's usually been the quiet and sleepy one this whole time, but when he's hosting he's full of energy and he sets things up very well for Jeff, Dan and Drew to knock out of the park.

Perhaps he should try hosting live streams as well?

Feels great to have Jeff back in the secondary seat to hear his reactions about news and what not.

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I listen to game music A LOT!

It's a fantastic way to mentally relive parts of a game without having to replay it, although it sometimes makes you want to play that game again as soon as you listen to it, lol.

I've found that game music is best when trying to fall asleep. Games have some of the most relaxing songs ever. Those who have a hard time trying to sleep I recommend giving it a try.

These are some of my go to's for falling asleep:

Torvus Bog Subterranean Theme (Metroid Prime 2)

Phendrana Drifts Main Theme (Metroid Prime 1)

Horse Steppin (Hotline Miami)

Fire Temple (Ocarina of Time) WITH the Muslim Chants because it's soothing to me for some reason

Stickerbrush Symphony (Donkey Kong Counrty 2)

Forest Interlude (DKC2)

Detroit City Ambient (Deus Ex Human Revolution)

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@bisonhero: That's pretty much it. Plus his over powered sword that shoots beams out of it was a blast to use and would be fun to use in Hyrule Warriors I think.

Maybe one day FD will have some lore added to him. Deity obviously means a God and judging by your other transformation masks in MM Fierce Deity was once an actual person who died. What could have killed a god and trapped his powers within a mask? I'd love to know.

I really do hope FD and Majora appear in another Zelda again one day. The lore of those two could be taken much further and there are fans who would love to see it.