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Nothing is wrong with it. It's just not your tastes.

It's not overrated because honestly the views on it are completely mixed. You either love it or hate it. Not overrated. Not underrated.

Personally it's my favorite Zelda game. The atmosphere and characters were just mind blowing at the time. A lot of the NPCs are from Ocarina, but in this one they actually feel more alive and are given way more personality. They actually had schedules they stick to and jobs to do. It was a unique experience for N64 players at the time.

The masks were great and added more to puzzle solving in addition to the normal items. Rolling around as a Goron and swimming super fast as a Zora was a great experience for Zelda players who always wondered what it'd be like to play as them. It also made their respective boss fights even more fun to play.

The temple designs aren't as straight forward as in Ocarina. That's either a minus or a plus depending on the type of player.

The time mechanic seems stressful at first, especially if you don't know the song that slows down time flow in half (which the game never specifically ever tells you unless you talk to a scarecrow in a shop)

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I think it's fantastic. Every generation consoles get redesigns/slimmer versions that add minimal features. This one ACTUALLY has substantial improvements that do something to the games themselves.

I don't see how anyone can be upset by this. Technology moves at a rapid rate. Phones, graphics cards, tvs. It was only a matter of time before consoles joined in on it. Yea, sure. Some of you might have just bought a PS4 and that sucks, but that's technology. It's not going to wait on us anymore.

It's like getting an iPhone 6 one month before the iPhone 7 is announced and released. You can't be mad at Apple for that. It's no ones faults. It just happens.

I'd totally understand if Base users were locked out of future PS4 games, but they're not.

Just consider this like going to buy a graphics card. Do you want the 970 (Base) for cheaper? or spend a bit extra and get better frame rate and visuals with the 980 (NEO)? I think options in the console market will make it better in the long run by giving people a cheaper option to go with if they're just fine with minimal graphics and 30FPS. While giving other the option of better graphics with (hopefully) 60FPS.

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If Brad was correct and if I can move PT from one machine to a new machine, I'd probably get the new machine.

If I can't do that - I'm keeping my old machine that can play PT over this new non-PT machine.

Just let it go man. Just let it go. lol

One day we will all live in a PT free world.

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I've thoroughly enjoyed my time with Alpha Sapphire and just started Y last week.

They've made some really smart design choices for both of them that really move things along at a much faster pace than normal. EXP share actually sharing for your entire party is the best change to the series in years.

It kind of just depends on if you want to replay an older game remade or see something entirely brand new. Well, I use the term New loosely because Y still is a pokemon game after all and they're all very similar at the end of the day lol. But for me Y just feels more fresh and updated.

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I'll agree that reboots are a bit silly when something new could be created. But reboots aren't necessarily for us "older" people. It's for a newer generation of movie watchers that haven't seen the original Ghostbusters and yea, I'm sure there are plenty of young kids out there who refuse to go back and watch older movies and play older games. Even though the original movie still kicks ass.

Do I think it looks great? Eh, I'll reserve judgement. But I think to sit here and say "oh no my childhood is ruined" or "They've ruined the Ghostbusters name" is a big over-exaggeration and a bit silly. The original Ghostbusters is still there. In fact, it's in a two pack Blu-Ray in a really pretty collectible case for $10! So, I can go watch that whenever I want to. This reboot existing doesn't somehow make that original suck now. They can both exist.

I'll rent in when it comes to Redbox and give it a shot. $1.50 is a pretty low investment. lol. I do actually like most of the cast. I'm just not sure if the jokes are gonna hit the way I want them too.

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It blows my mind how the PS3 and Vita have had the friends notifications and PS4 still hasn't gotten it yet. Is it that hard to code? lol

Was it late to PS3 and Vita as well? I don't remember.

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Awesome, secured my name. Thank you.

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Professional? Ugh, lol

They're where they're at because of how they operate and how they operate might look to some as "unprofessional". If you change the formula it will just be like every other gaming site. This is Giantbomb. You don't change Giantbomb and not even CBSi has been able to do that.

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@notnert427: Yes, Ledgers Joker was phenomenal and yes the bar is set really high. But, you knew someone was going to have to try the Joker again, right? You can't not have the Joker in a movie ever again just because Ledgers was so good. We have to move on at some point.

I've had an open mind about Letos Joker since it was announced and from what little I've seen I don't think I'll be disappointed. Leto is definitely putting his own spin on the character and I respect that greatly. If you're going to do a beloved character then the actor has to make it their own for it to succeed.

Also, I'm not judging Leto on his past performances because Ledger was nowhere near on my radar as a good actor until I saw The Dark Knight. Ledger needed that break out role and he got it, but tragically he left us much too early.

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For me personally I've been getting real tired of Marvel and DC's A-List superheroes. The B-List heroes are where I've fallen too and I couldn't be anymore happy.

I think it says a lot that Guardians of the Galaxy is my favorite Marvel movie of all time and in my top 10 movies of all time. I liked the Avengers when it came out, but after I saw Guardians I just had no interest in seeing Age of Altron because I've lost interest in that group of heroes.

Suicide Squad is looking like DC's Guardians for my tastes. A bunch of B-List villains I've never heard (besides Joker and Harley of course) of that look like they're all pretty hilarious. Idk, maybe I'm just into more funny hero stuff these days instead of super serious stuff?

I'll say though that Will Smith is kind of off putting because Will to me just isn't a villain type of actor. All his lines I've heard so far has been "yep, that sounds like a Will Smith hero line and sounds nothing like a sadistic asshole like the rest of them". But, I don't really know what villain he's portraying so maybe it's in character?